In the life of Oui Osterkamp was a black stripe. He lost his multimillion-dollar business and became homeless. But instead of succumbing to despair, he found a way to help others.

Oui, Osterkamp — a man who lives by faith: “Every morning when you get up and put your feet on the floor, you start to preach. Each day you have to decide what is to become of this sermon,” he says.

Oui, Osterkamp runs a shelter “Ronald McDonald house” in Durham, NC. Here provide free accommodation and meals to families with children staying at the world famous children’s hospital at Duke University such as Susan brown, whose son Howell is here for several months.

“It revealed a tumor of the pineal body, a brain tumor fourth degree, is very rare. Son underwent brain surgery. The money for the hotel we didn’t have,” says Susan brown.

“It is very good. Every evening at six o’clock dinner, and on weekends Breakfast. Everywhere nice and clean,” says the son of Susan Howell brown.

“Many of them come here without knowing where they will live. Many families gave the doctors all of her money just one chance that their child will be better. They are ready to sleep in the hospital or in the back seat of his car, if necessary, shares of Oui Osterkamp. — Crossing the threshold “Ronald McDonald house”, where people feel loved. We are striving for. Our goal is to give love, comfort, peace and rest.”

Oui, understands people who are under pressure. Many years ago crashed his multi-million dollar company, as well as his marriage. Becoming homeless and unemployed, he learned otherwise to look at it: “So often we pray, “God, give me this, give me that.” I believe that change I started after I changed his prayer and began to speak: “God, what do You want me to learn from that? God, what can I do in this situation that will bring You the most glory?”, says Oui.

He found that by helping others, he found a way out of despair. His experience he described in his book titled “Be cavadini in the world of greedy persons”.

“I grew up in Eastern North Carolina, and my mother taught me: “Better to be cavadini than greedy”. She was a very unselfish man, and said, “the more you give, the more you get in return,” almost as much as the Bible says. And I was convinced that the way it is” — says, Oui Osterkamp.

For example, almost all the money needed for the operation of the shelter, “Ronald McDonald house”, coming from local territorial communities, whose members also generously donate their time.

“One of our local Church decided that its members throughout the year will be coming here every Monday night to cook dinner for everyone at the shelter,” says Oui Osterkamp.

In addition to helping families here in North Carolina, Oui is also changing the lives of people two thousand miles to the South of the orphanage in Honduras, one of the poorest countries in the world.

Six years ago, during a Church mission trip, he realized that the vicious circle of poverty is supported by illiteracy. Since then, his team has been that opens and contains a full-fledged school in remote villages. This service is called “Sharpish” before he got here the locals were doomed all his life to collect sugar cane or melon. Now they have the confidence that I can do anything.

“We, the graduates, had four. We are very happy and serve as an example for other children to go down the same path,” says the graduate “Serves” Ricky Rodriguez.

The Honduras government provide free education for children up to sixth grade, but they have to purchase all of the accessories and form. It’s too expensive for those families who earn just three dollars a day.

“One man asked Jesus, “What is the greatest commandment?” Jesus replied: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, and with all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself.” We believe that these people represent a beautiful example of this in the middle, because they remain unnoticed even in their own country,” says Oui Osterkamp.

“Serves” contains a community center, komputerny class and the library, so that parents could also learn. So, whether in another country or in your backyard, Oui Osterkamp says that by serving others, you greatly improve your own life.

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