Believers blocked the road in protest against the lies of the media about their rector

The Holy virgin Church of the village of Lake

The believers of the village of Lake continue to defend the reputation of his priest: they are protesting against false information about their prior, printed local media.


September 30, 2018, the parishioners of the Holy protection Church of the village of Lake Kivertsi district of Volyn region for hours blocked the highway near the village in protest against the lies, against their rector, Archpriest Mikhail Juraskova. About it the correspondent of the SPM.

As the first event, the community decided to apply radical measures blocked the road near the village. Believers do not lose hope that their demands will be met and in the media to publish their views on the bulging journalists the conflict in the village.

“Nobody believed that we will block the road”, – said the participant of the block, resident of the village Irina Khomich. In her words, to influence the editor of the regional newspaper promised them by authorities.

In early September in the village Lake, the baby died, baptized, as expected, in the Cathedral of the UOC-KP in luck. The Abbot of the local temple of the UOC Archpriest Michael advised the parents to appeal to the Kyiv Patriarchate, to his representatives read the burial service of a child. The media is sad for the people and the event fanned to the level of public statements of the first persons of the region. The last point for the residents of the village the Lake was beyond all limits of ethics and standards article in the local regional newspaper, written by its chief editor Vasily Nedelsky.

To overlap the track of the faithful prompted the neglect of the district newspaper and the authorities of their legal requirements to publish the views of parishioners on the incident to protect the reputation of his priest.

As reported by the SPM, the community of the village of Lake waited for more than a week to the newspaper published their response to the editor, but to no avail. After the first protests of the parishioners will be in addition hold training camp in the village. This will invite the officials of the district and representatives of the newspaper.

The petition of residents of the village of Lake Kivertsy district, to the authorities and the media

We, the residents of the village of Lake Kivertsi district of Volyn region, appeal to you for help. Prompted by this event that happened in our community, and the reaction to them in the local newspaper.

The Kingdom of heaven, Regina Chizuk (and no matter what it is family, Roma or not), sympathy and pity expressed by her whole family, we grieve with them. This is a terrible tragedy, when the life leaves the person, a thousandfold when it’s a baby.

And all anything, if not “world-view, beliefs, faith” is the named column in the newspaper, which posted the reflections of the editor “Freestyle way”. “If rituals are not directed at humanity, away their from Ukraine!” (“Free way” of 15 September 2018, No. 37/8320).

It is doubtful whether it belongs to a Church community in Kivertsi Sam V. K. Nedelsky seeing him who when in the Church, but he undertook to put the emphasis in the funeral of a child.

“If rituals are not directed at humanity, away them out of Ukraine!” – pulled the author of the words of the Chairman of regional state administration A. Savchenko, if this is covering what I wrote in the paper. Agree, but what have Afghan veteran, a scout who has participated in combat operations outside Ukraine, and now, having survived in a foreign war, bringing pain, suffering, grief from the death of his sister, devoted her life to serving God, community, Ukraine? It is a weapon handed to him by the Lord, there, in faraway Afghanistan, to pray not only for the souls of the dead sister, but also spiritually enrich and heal people’s souls in their native Ukrainian soil. And so father Michael Zhuromsky goes for more than 20 years as rector of Holy protection Church in the village Lake.

The author of the article in the newspaper, referring to such deep strings of the human soul, ought to be more cautious, tolerant and balanced in their subjective assessments. After pulling out of context the words of the leaders of the region, district press Secretary of the diocese, from Facebook – a great mind is not necessary, and to judge the actions of a priest one-sided, as he sees fit.

Father Michael throughout all these years has done a lot for our Church. With his hands he made repairs in the temple, fenced, planted garden. And there are many other things you can list. We see how every year our Church. People with more life experience and wisdom to faithfully serve his community.

Who’s coming to the temple (not the villagers), celebrate his outstanding works, strict adherence to the canons of the Church during the service, as is the love, the thrill of it belongs to every believer. Believe me, it worth to listen, learn, understand life, to fulfill the teachings of charity, humanity, kindness, love for one’s neighbor.

So could such a person to offend someone? In an article in the newspaper (thankfully, small) father Michael looks almost criminal, non-humans, heartless.

But thinks it is the master Nedelsky!

As you know, the family of the late Regina arrived in the village recently. The affliction of the girls became a burden for the family, but during this time none of their family was in a rural Church, moreover, did not take the rite of Confession, Communion, was not familiar to the priest. They said that they are believers Baptists that children are not baptized. What is the fault of father Michael that he had inquired whether the baby baptized where baptized? This is a common things that should be known to those who perform the funeral of the deceased.

The author writes that the inhabitants of the village were shocked by the article is that many Roma who live in the village, are parishioners of the Holy protection Church. Why didn’t you ask us whether Roma are members of our Church, saw them once in the temple?

Mr. Nedelsky writes that Ukrainians and Roma find there understanding of each other, support each other.

We have a family of Roma, who keep farms, go to work, raise children. But about this family do not. Not “coming from them and mercy”, Mr. Nedelsky as you write. You are met with the residents of the village, and therefore had no right to make such conclusions.

The community of the village of Lake requires the district to their subjective judgments in the above mentioned article said himself Nedelsky. It’s not right to desecrate an innocent man! And the editor didn’t find out the facts, which are necessary for its journalistic work in writing and preparation of certain documents, materials, and so on?!

It is because the priest had to see the data about who performs the rite of a funeral, or other rite. There is not anything illegal! “There are rules, but to refuse to bury, there must be reasons,” says Dean of Kivertsy district, Ivan Semeniuk (UOC-KP). Nobody gave the refusal to bury was just asking about baptism.

And it’s not an excuse, according to Nedelsky. These are the laws, the canons, the Church, the priest must have information about the man facing. And to what there own interpretations of journalists, can’t blame a decent man. Should hold such things not only in the area.

For a start – ask for our address printed in the local newspaper and give the author an objective assessment. Too easy to strike, to hurt an innocent person, especially such biased unprofessional actions of the editor.

And that land is not “floated under his feet, do not swing, as if hanging on the rope”, Mr. Nedelsky, put objective material in the newspaper.

I hope that you have enough newspaper space because of the lack of local high quality materials in it, just a custom of the Kyiv materials, or of “the Ukrainian truth”, or does “local”, about “the rise of the Eiffel tower for 18 euros” from the newspaper “High castle” is only a review of the latest issue of our newspaper-turned-God knows what! It is not surprising that readers enough.

And yet for those who have time to read about the situation in the village Lake, we ask that our message be printed in the next issue.

Dear leaders! A time to gather stones together, to unite people to do good deeds not for sites or Facebook, and for real people. Too much suffering, the pain caused by such hacks, take health where this could not be. Has kept the Afghan war – it destroys the text in the newspaper district. You need to give this assessment.

Our community peacefully coexists with people of different nationalities and faiths. Our community wishes all of you peace, understanding, tolerance, humanity, mercy, and peace in our souls.

Sincerely on behalf of the community signature.


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