Believers of Chernigov: “the Government needs to stop campaigning for DNC”

The clergy of the UOC tried to get help from the authorities borznyansky it district, Chernihiv region

17 Jan believers of the UOC came to the meeting to the head of the borznyansky it is the district Council, Chernihiv region Victor Horbasenko with the requirement not to violate their rights.

After prayer vigils in front of the district administration, the Orthodox of the region appealed to the district authorities urging them to stop raider seizure of churches of the UOC – the website of the diocese of Nizhyn.

During the meeting, the Chairman of the borznyansky it is the district Council, Chernihiv region Victor Gorbatko said that campaigning for the DNC is his personal position and he will continue to reach voters. Special attention was paid by the clergy of the diocese to the fact that the government, which must answer to their constituents – the residents of the area – protects arrived to the area of the right-wing radicals C14.

The field of conversation with the clergy, Victor Gorbatko went out to standing on the street participants in prayer vigils. However, communication between authorities and the people was short-lived. The head of the district Council was not able to answer the question of whether to return the believers to their Church and refused further communication with the inhabitants of the village of Sosnovka. Went official under shouts “ganba!”.

As written, the SPM informed, Orthodox Borznyansky published on the official website of the Nizhyn eparhii appeal to the local authorities asking for the return of the Church in the village of Sosnovka, which was captured by supporters of the DNC.

We will remind, earlier representatives of right-wing movements C14 captured the Holy ascension Church of the UOC.






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