Believers of the UOC came to the defense of his Church against the encroachments of “priests of the Kyiv Patriarchate”


Despite all declarations of “UOC-KP” on prevention of illegal actions against churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, was held an attempt to infiltrate the clergy of this organization in one of the capital’s churches.

October 23, 2018, three men, two of them are “the clergy of the Kiev Patriarchate” tried cheating to get to St. Anastasia Church in Buchansky correctional colony of strict regime № 85 in Kyiv. Prevented them from the community. About this in his commentary to the Information Department of the UOC said the rector, Vice-Chairman of the Department of youth Affairs on issues of prison Ministry, Archpriest Nikolai Grave.

“Today three people, including two “priests of the Kiev Patriarchate” quite aggressively and brazenly tried to get into the Church of St. Anastasia of Sirmium. When I learned that the clerics of the “UOC-KP” municipality prison of the Church was to protect him and not let provocateurs” — said the priest.

“The warden and the parishioners for all the arguments said that they don’t need their presence. “For you, and we will put candles and pray, and you go with God, we don’t need this,” he said,” —said Archpriest Nikolai.

According to him, such actions of representatives of the “UOC-KP” clearly indicate about the attitudes that are opposite of those that declares their leadership.

“We promise that everything will be quiet, peaceful, no seizures, and want here at the temple to get there. Where were you all 20 years of existence of this temple?”, — said the Abbot.

In the St. Anastasia Church, which operates at Buchansky penal colony for more than 20 years, is constantly pastoral and missionary work.

“There are regular divine services, make confession, receive Holy communion prisoners. There is a strong community, — said father Nikolai, a few priests and staff of the Missionary Department of the UOC spend every Saturday read acts of the catechetical school, in which teachers engaged with prisoners. Do these people who came today, was hoping that the community will accept them?”.

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