Believers of the UOC: We don’t need “Tomasi” we’re a legitimate Church in Ukraine

A prayer vigil at the residence of the exarchs of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in Kiev

Believers of the UOC, who came to the prayer protest at the residence of the exarchs Fanara, believe the Exarch had come to split the Ukrainian Church and faith.

Tomos is a political event in the run-up to elections. Christians don’t need any “Tomasi” they’re a legitimate Church in Ukraine, say participants. About it reports “Perche Kozatskiy”.

One of the participants in prayer vigils, a priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, arrived with his flock of Khmelnitsky region, said: “We came to pray here, to this place, because we know that came here from America … two of the Exarch in order to split our Church in order to divide our faith to keep us down … we even stood on his knees, asked the Lord that the Lord told these people that they did not create another split in our country.”

The believers ask the government, the President and the Verkhovna Rada not to interfere in Church Affairs: “We know better where to go, the Church for 2000 years, and let they climb with their “Tomosaki””.

“This is the faith of our grandfathers and great grandfathers, and we will stick to the end” – say the protesters are outraged and grips built on the money of the faithful churches: “Have money, have wealth – build your our don’t touch”.

As reported by the SPM, October 6 UOC believers gathered for a prayer vigil at the residence of the exarchs of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in Kiev. As told participants of the prayer vigils, they arrived at the residence to Express the position of the Ukrainian Orthodox believers of Ukraine’s largest canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church.


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