Below the poverty line live 25% of Ukrainians – Your Bible

According to the world Bank, poverty in Ukraine is now home to 25% of Ukrainians, while in 2014 this number was 15%.

This was announced by world Bank Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova satu Kähkönen, Biznestsentr reports citing UKRINFORM.

“The economic crisis that began in Ukraine in 2014, led to the fact that the poverty level is higher now than it was five years ago. If in 2014, below the poverty line lived 15% of the population of Ukraine, today – 25%”, – said the representative of the world Bank.

At the same time, Kähkönen stressed that the country’s exit from the crisis should continue reform.

“There is a real way out of the crisis. This success and the implementation of reforms, be it healthcare, the establishment of the Supreme court anti-corruption, independent of Supervisory boards in state-owned banks, and half of all banking sector to loans not went to “his” people. Ukraine has made a step in reforming different spheres, and she cannot stop,” said Kähkönen.

According to the Director of the world Bank, the economic potential of Ukraine is higher than in countries such as Poland, Romania, Georgia, Indonesia.

“Ukraine has Europe’s largest reserves of fertile land. Profitable and its geographical position at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. However, state policy in terms of economic development back 20 years. If there are changes, in particular, will create a transparent land market, there will be incentive to improve standards of living,” added Kähkönen.

She noted that the world Bank invested in 2014 in Ukraine more than in any other country.

“Invested $5.5 billion, with half the funds – $2.5 billion in various investment projects, plus $2 billion in support of regional budgets for reforms, another $500 million for the supply of gas. Unfortunately, not all of these funds are being used fully, and we expect solutions from the government of Ukraine”, – said Kähkönen.

World Bank country Director also noted the presence of risks in investing in Ukraine.

“It’s hard to convince investors today to invest in Ukraine. There are problems at the macroeconomic level: the state debt of Ukraine is very large and decreases until the level planned earlier. There are also risks associated with inflation, and it is associated with wage growth in half and increasing subsidies with the result that it is impossible to keep consumer demand at the background of growth of prices”, – said the Director of the world Bank.

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