“Belt of the virgin” of the eight chapels will appear on the home of St. John of Kronstadt


In the vicinity of Pinega Sura held a procession through the places where they will build eight chapels — “Belt of the virgin”, reports a press-service of the Arkhangelsk diocese.

Krestonostsy from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Saratov, Yeysk and other cities broke about 13 kilometers, their way lay over the Hill, Markovo, Gorushko, Pagurova and other villages.

The procession was headed by a senior priest of the St. Petersburg ioannovskiy stavropegic convent on the Karpovka, Archpriest Nikolai Belyaev.

Also in the procession participated by the Abbot Artemieva-Verkolsky of the monastery, Archimandrite Joseph (wolves), and priest Vladimir Kholod, rector of the Church of the righteous St. John of Kronstadt Estonian town of Loksa.

In every village the clergy officiated services of intercession and consecrated the space under the Foundation of the chapels, which will be named in honor of the mother of God “Vladimir”, “Tikhvin”, “Theodore”, “sovereign”, “Sign”, “Smolensk”, “Iver”, “Kazan”.


Participants of the procession were children and educators Kolomna near Moscow social rehabilitation center for children left without parental care. The entire path of Czestochowa accompanied the bus for the elderly, children, and tired in the way of pilgrims. “The day was hot, to go, of course, was not easy, — said the press-Secretary of the deanery Pinega Lyudmila Sosnina. But helped unceasing prayer: “Glory to Thee our God, glory to Thee”, “most Holy Theotokos, save us””.

The procession on the “Belt of the virgin” for the first time was last summer. Then in place of the future chapels set crosses. The Central image of each of them — the icon of the Heavenly Queen with scenes of the saints, whose names are donators construction. All chapels will be run by Sura Ioannovsky convent.

The villagers hope that the “lady Belt” revive Church life in the villages. Those wishing to help in the construction of chapels in the homeland of St. John of Kronstadt can get detailed information at the prioress of the monastery abbess Sura of Mitrofanii (Mikolka) by phone +7 (921) 077-40-90 or email: [email protected].

Photo: Ludmila Sosnina

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