Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appealed to Evangelical Christians in Nairobi (Kenya) during his recent visit to Africa. Netanyahu says that Israel has no better friends than Christians who support and love the Jewish people.

Sounds Safarov welcomed the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. He invited local residents to come to Israel land of the Bible: “Those who have already been, come again. Those who were not, come. A Visit To Jerusalem. Visit Nazareth. You will see the sea of Galilee!” — urged the Prime Minister of Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu told a story about the kibbutz, which houses a 2,000 year-old boat “Is a fishing boat had made it to carbon, which showed that the boat was built in the time of Jesus. It is located in the kibbutz of Ginossar, and when you come there, you will see it. Of course, I can’t say that Jesus was in the boat. But I can tell you that the boat was in the time of Jesus.”

He described common connection of the Jews and Christians contained in the land of the Bible: “This is a real place. They talk to you, and they speak to us. We returned to the land of Israel and carried out the vision of the prophets about the Assembly of the exiles. I’m glad to have the opportunity, the honor to come in to meet with you. Around the world we have no best friends. Anyone. We value this friendship. And we multiply it on the African continent”, said the Prime Minister.

Netanyahu’s trip marked a new beginning in the relations between Africa and Israel.

“Seven leaders of seven African countries talked about how to deepen Israel’s relations not only with countries but also with all African countries, — said Benjamin Netanyahu. — Israel returns to Africa and Africa returned to Israel. We want to see a success story of Africa that can become real, and we want to be part of this. In all. In water supply, in agriculture, in dairy products. And we are ready to share all this with our African friends.”

He also mentioned about the plight of Christians in the middle East: “unfortunately, today in the middle East towards Christians and Christianity is not a good. You see what they are doing DAESH (ISIL) in Iraq, what is happening to Christian communities, Yazidis and others. In the middle East there is only one place where the Christian community is not only not declining, but is thriving and expanding. It’s safe. There you are always welcome. And this place is Israel. Welcome to Israel!”, — said Netanyahu.

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