Bishop Andrew Manzhosov: “the Fullness of God is revealed in the fatherhood”

The theme of fatherhood in society is one of the most important. So many people who grew up without a father, or didn’t receive from it need love, attention and care. It is known that the father invests in the child that then affects the formation of human integrity. Not getting this, people often feel devastated. In such cases, first, how to begin the healing acceptance of God as Father. On this subject Bishop Andrew Manzhosov told journalists GOD.NEWS.

Hello. In your sermons You often say that the theme of fatherhood is very important. Can you tell us why?

— The purpose of the New Testament — open to the fullness of God, and the fullness of God is found in fatherhood. It is the completeness of everything. Jesus says: “I am the Way”. The path that should lead us to the Father. The father is the goal.

When we learn of the Heavenly Father, we come to know ourselves, his destiny. We gain confidence that there’s a reason we live on this land.

— Why, to know God as Father, you must forgive your earthly father?

— Unforgiveness is a prison. To get out of it only according to his will. When a person forgives, it is a great miracle. If he forgives his father, then he opens for himself the opportunity to know Heavenly Father. When he does not forgive his father for him, as if to close the doors, because he has the wrong role model.

I often pray for the youth. Whenever I pray with someone about fatherhood, I pay. God wants to heal the pain of each heart, and to reveal Himself as the Father.

— What is the path of healing must go through the man who has no understanding of who this “father”?

The first is to forgive your father. The second is to accept the love of the Heavenly Father by faith.

How can I be in this life father, if he had a father in their life? I forgive his father, accept the love of God, and now you can give your children.


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