Bishop Gideon: Istanbul Exarchate – a yoke heavier than Moscow

Bishop Makarov Gedeon (Kharon)

What is written in the Tomos, may not suit those who have this Tomos requests.

The vicar the tithes of the monastery of Bishop Makarov Gedeon (Kharon) said in an interview with “Pershoho Cossack” about his attitude to the Tomos and the creation of a Unified Local Church in Ukraine.

The Bishop is confident that the acquisition of the Tomos of autocephaly will not lead to a split within the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, as it became more consolidated and cohesive: parishioners in churches became more, constantly opening new churches and monasteries. According to Bishop, splits can begin those who have this Tomos is waiting.

“Who is it asks? The UOC-KP and the UAOC? – said the Hierarch. – So they don’t exist for the world of Christianity does not exist for God, for all is a public organization. Well, let them this Tomos give that he will give them? What would it say? The Exarchate? So they (the UOC-KP and the UAOC – ed.) is now subject to the Exarchate of Constantinople, and this yoke is much heavier than Moscow. This, by the way, the words of Philaret, who the yoke of Moscow no no. What’s the point? <…> I think I’ll bring a Tomos and they will be cheering him? They’ll tell you what, we fought for it”.

According to him, the idea of a United Local Church is good, but you need to create it not as it makes the Ukrainian government by force, violating the Constitution, unceremoniously interfering in the Affairs of the Church.

“We – the bishops, clergy – needs to sit down and negotiate, to develop a roadmap, which all go and come to one Local Church. But not through the knee – said Bishop Gideon and added that if you do it in a canonical way, lawfully, with love, then there will be one Church: We pray for the Union of the Holy churches of God by grace, prayer, love and not through hatred!”

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