“Bishop” ptsu, celebrated the divine Liturgy at athonian monastery

The delegation of new Church structures in the Holy mount

“Ruling Bishop” of Odessa and Balta “diocese” ptsu Paul Wristy visited the Holy mountain.

8 February 2019, the representative of the DNC, “the Bishop of Odessa and Balta,” Paul Wristy, celebrated the divine Liturgy in the monastery of Pantokrator on mount Athos.

The night before, the brethren of the monastery and the delegates from the new Church structure also made the evening service, he said in Facebook.

Pantokrator is one of the 5 monasteries, whose representatives during the session of the Holy Kinot of Holy mount Athos supported the initiative of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople to send a delegation of observers to the enthronement of the head of the DNC Epiphany Dumenko. Representatives from most of the monasteries of mount Athos – 15 – voted against it. Among the Athonite kalitov and Brahmins declare a cease commemoration of Patriarch Bartholomew. The monasteries of mount Athos Philotheos and Caracal said it would close its gates if the Holy Mount Athos will arrive the head of the DNC Epiphany Dumenko.

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