Bishop Voskresensky Savva performed the funeral service of the writer Valery Ganicheva


Writer and social activist Valery Ganichev died on July 8, 2018 85-m to year of life.

10 July 2018 at the Patriarchal metochion in the Cathedral Church of the Holy Prince Igor of Chernigov and Kiev in Peredelkino Bishop Voskresensky Savva was headed by a Requiem divine Liturgy, after which the funeral service was committed, reported “Parish councillor”.

The vicar announced to the congregation Condolences to his Holiness Patriarch Kirill in connection with the death of V. N. Ganicheva.

In turn, Bishop Savva noted that whenever a person goes to the other world, about how he lived a life judged by the amount of people who came to his tomb to give him one last kiss.

“Today, the warmth and cordiality seemed the heavens rent asunder, and the special favor of God to the late Valery descend through the prayers of those gathered in this Church,” said Bishop, Recalling that the most important gift for the Christian soul — when close people are willing to pray for the deceased and to give alms in his memory.

The Bishop said very reverent attitude of his Holiness Patriarch Kirill to the deceased: “his Holiness Patriarch Valery Nikolaevich applies, mind you, not apply, and applies, because with God all things are alive, not only as your colleague but as a friend who especially loves, whose departure is going through. Today, in view of the planned long trip of His Holiness to Balaam, to cancel which was not possible, his Holiness sent his vicar to bring condolences to all of you. It is also seen with what love he reacted to adequately carry out Valery Nikolaevich, blessed by the clergy strictly to pray here today in this beautiful temple.”

Bishop Savva noted that Valery Nikolaevich before his death, Holy communion, and urged those present and all concerned people to pray this worthy man that the Lord had granted him the Kingdom of heaven.

After memorial services Valery Ganichev was buried at Peredelkino cemetery which was the burial place of prominent writers. Here are buried Boris Pasternak, Korney Chukovsky, Arseny Tarkovsky, etc.

During his long life, Valery Ganichev has worked as a writer, journalist, Chairman of the Union of writers of Russia, but also actively engaged in social activities, he was Deputy head of the world Russian people’s Council, an honorary member of the Patriarchal Council for culture.

In 2000, Valeriy took the initiative of canonization of Admiral Fyodor Ushakov. He wrote the book “Admiral Ushakov. Admiral and the Holy”, released in 1990.

The late writer was awarded the Church award, in particular, the order of the Reverend Sergiy Radonejskiy of the II degree and the Order of the Holy equal to the apostles great Prince Vladimir II degree, the Patriarchal literary prize named after saints Cyril and Methodius “For his significant contribution to the development of Russian literature.”

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