Blasphemous thoughts on prayer – from the evil one, to sin not imputed

“I’ve survived in the world millions of people, and most have experienced what I experienced, and gave the paper his experiments, and I give the same paper my internal moral experiences. I wish other people who will be able to read about my experiences, believe them as much as I believe in myself” (St. John of Kronstadt). We offer you excerpts from his diaries.


  • “Ask your heart: do it, Which brings repentance and prayer”
  • Is it true that white – dirty and black is not so black as he is painted
  • The Church is a substitute for Christianity: after all, “Christianity” is the title of a decent
  • People say that their ideas are beneficial but seductive and empty pours out of the mouth

Mercy Of The Mother Of God

St. John of Kronstadt

On 24 February I was in Remove – buried the wife of the priest of al. IV. Sokolov. Came in one cemetery Church, I was in a state of painful longing of the heart that comes from slabberi and the evil spirit. Looking at the local icon of the Tikhvin Mother of God, I couldn’t help but stare at Her most pure, humble, serene, loving countenance and said within himself: “What unearthly tranquility is expressed on the face of Thy most-pure,” and as he heard Her next words clearly echoed in my heart: “what hinders thee to have peace and tranquility in your heart? Don’t you know where to look for them?” Then I turned the mind and heart to the Source and Giver of peace – and immediately gained the desired peace and stood by peace the whole service (mass).

In Rambova met a friend – the most venerable, priest Gavriil Markovic too, which is wonderful with my works to the benefit of peasants and peasant children of the Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna. His whole life passes in the writings connected with constant self-sacrifice. He does a lot for the education of peasant children to educate them in the rules of morality! I mean compared to him? What is my work? Nothing. Dare to compare myself to him as a priest in any respect? Here is a man who lives not in vain, not in the hustle and bustle spends his days! And I in vain, and the land exercise. How did the Lord not me as a barren Fig tree! Lord! Save him and have mercy!

No need to pay attention to the deceitful, wicked, and blasphemous disbelief breathable thoughts, instilled at prayer evil: they give us into sin is not imputed. You need to calmly continue their work. Only very inexperienced in the spiritual life of man may be indignant, from Satan fears!

Heart sometimes asleep during prayers, only weakly active mind, and need to awake. Why on the prayer finds no doubt, and does not stop the language, and the public is it?


Then only the strong me the devil, when in my heart, no Christ.

The life-giving Mysteries of put in order, to a state of inner peace my life – what could I do but Secrets, one fervent prayer or the strongest alive the aspiration of thoughts and hearts to God with faith and hope. Thank my God, truly and substantially inherent in the life-giving Mysteries! The touch of the Holy Mysteries, received with faith and grateful hearts, always life-giving to my soul. This is all the more perceptible is that my heart often goes with that force, embarrassing, poisonous Griselda and necrotic soul – and touches always due to usmania faith know the truth: this last power is the power of the devil – a murderer. “From their fruit,” said the Saviour, “ye shall know them” (Matt. 7, 16).

Faith is sweet, peaceful, life giving for the heart; unbelief is bitter, painful, deadly.


I from experience know in advance what will and ineffable bliss for the righteous in the age to come, and flour is terrible for sinners, not repentant of their sins in life. Know in mind, and that they will be eternal. Our soul, as a being who is spiritual, simple, eternal, and sins, to experience more of the local life, pain, pogulyat the soul spiritually, and then just stops it will suffer from them when they repent. But after death, there can be repentance. Then the soul will eternally torture her own passions: and so the eternal fire.


The devil never loses hope to bring you up to temptation and enters often, and you never lose hope to get rid of his temptation, with God’s help. And to get rid of his temptations, you need the grace of the Holy spirit, the Holy fire in the heart, faith is undeniable.

The dignity of the human person-the Christian is determined by how often he is with Christ. “Protiviti the devil, and flee from you” (Jas. 4, 7). Use always the effort to rise above the wiles of the devil and he will flee from you, seeing your resistance. And then you get scared and he run, when they should escape him.

“There are not wise about himself” (ROM. 12,16), says the Apostle. And you always be wise about themselves and about God.

“Not’ischia his benefit, but many, Yes you will be saved” (1 Cor. 10, 33). Resettled bear these words as its motto.

Brethren! Stands out for your heart: the devil tries to drive it easy and settle in him (the evil one himself, he wants to liken himself through deceit and people) to take away the faith and to settle the unbelief, to eradicate the pure love and settle impure, or the opposite – hatred. You might not even believe that the devil is, and I think that all thin – only, and it is not only there, but reigns in the world, over people, devotees of the world: he is the God of this world, he is the Prince of the power of the air; he is merterial dark world. “Trevitest, watch Zane your adversary the devil…” (1 Peter. 5, 8).

The king is here. Add that to the deity. Behave before God in the presence of the king.

To read loudly. This is a great remedy for embarrassment, of course, with sincere faith.

Why there can be no faith in certain people, and it is with great difficulty fit in their heart?.. Because their heart is some passion, and the culprit is the devil; and as the place of faith in the heart, and the objects of faith are opposite passions: God, Angels, saints of God, and cannot be faith in the heart, filled with what is the opposite of her.

Faith lives in the heart – means the same as Holiness, purity, all righteousness live in the heart; unbelief dwells in the heart – means the same as passion, and all uncleanness, live in the heart.

Heart man – thing. One sees on the face, but God on the heart (1 Sam. 16, 7). In the Epistle to the Thessalonians the Apostle says, “in the hedgehog heart approve of your” (not you) “blameless” (1 Thess. 3, 13). “From the heart Bo, come evil thoughts” (Matt. 15, 19). “Amy from wickedness thy heart, Jerusalem” (jer. 4, 14). The heart is the same as the soul: “timite wickedness from your souls” (ISA. 1, 16).

“Wearing the same verb every power of His” (Heb. 1, 3), that is driving, holding something that can break up. To keep the peace so as to create the world or, if I may say something amazing, or even more. For to create means to bring something from nothingness into being, but to keep existing, but ready to go to nothing, to connect protivobolevoe between them is a matter of great and amazing. This is a sign of great strength. – John Chrysostom. Interpretation of the book of Hebrews. Conversation 2, p. 3.

For the sake of God the Word bear in all respects of the word: and the former verbal, intelligent creatures, who became dumb, never listen… otherwise, God’s Word will condemn you at the judgment for neglecting His gift of words. And He severely punishes you when you insult the word, especially the word Holy (in the Scriptures and in Church and liturgical books) of his passes or hasty, ridiculous reprimands. And then – worse will punish you.

To treasure to honor the mother of God, learn first, as it should, to honor his parent. And to read you, as you should, Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, learn to honor his father according to the flesh. “Wrong in male and in many things wrong there, but the faithful in male and faithful in many things” (LK. 16, 10).

On Your side, God, truth, omnipotence, goodness, sweetness, life, and on the side of Your enemy – everlasting lie or slander, the weak force, acting only by means of lies, boundless anger, bitterness unspeakable, spiritual death.

“Give glory to God, the Jews said to the blind man, we vemy, as a Man This a sinner is. Otesha DRC he said: if a sinner is, not VEM: VEM a single, like a blind beh, now I see” (Jn. 9, 24-25). So often proceeds inwardly to a Christian godly devil and compels it through thoughts to accept that our Saviour, the God-man Jesus Christ is not God, not a miracle worker, blagodiyniy we are constantly (in the life-giving Mysteries of the Body and Blood of His and other Sacraments). How to mentally respond to him – the accuser? The second half of his answer: “VEM, like a blind Bech from sins” himself is not saved from them, and now I see, now I find it easy and sweet, when I took in his heart His most pure Flesh and Blood: it means that He is God. “Food can a person sizewe signs do?” (Jn. 9, 16).

In order to honor and love you as their Savior the Lord Jesus Christ, first learn to be grateful for the blessings of human thank.

Wonders feel me worthy of taking the Holy Mysteries, nothing and no one can be produced only by the Lord. So, in the bread and wine truly inherent in the Lord. And after that can sway me? My Lord is obvious in the Mysteries, as the obvious two States of my life: sad and happy.

“Who is the God of vely thou our God? Thou art God, who wonders” (PS. 76, 14). “Thy right hand, o Lord, glorified” me “in the fortress, from its right hand smash Your enemies: and many of the glory of Thy sterl thou adversaries” (ex. 15, 6-7).


“If not the West, like a natural temple of God, and the Spirit of God dwells in you” (1 Cor. 3, 16). Give heed to yourself, people: in you lives the Holy Spirit. But you kicked Him, the quickening spirit, the Comforter, the sweetness of your heart, whenever sin. What insolence! What ingratitude! What madness! What if He was infinitely gracious and long-suffering? Then He would leave you after much patience and would not have come to you, not moved to you, no matter what thy prayers, though thou Virol a river of tears. – But be afraid, ungrateful, and now to abuse His patience. When He sees that you are not corrected in spite of frequent admonition, He is finally able to leave you as Judas. – Every time you lose faith, when you give in to the deceitfulness of sin, you cast Him, the giver of life and let It is of the devil. On blind human! About the Soul good!

Saints of God one sozdaniem hands sought God’s great mercy to many people. And your sozdanie hands so much, and if not so much or not much, why? – From unbelief.

Thoughts induced by Satan, in its essence nothing that they are cobwebs, an empty pipe dream. Only with faith cry out to the Lord and everything will disappear. If you resent from prilogo the evil one? You know from experience, as a true, faithful, and Almighty God!

I the believer and unbeliever good and evil, the humble and proud, simple and crafty, of God and the demonic. – My soul is stretched as if two opposing forces. Strange I! Strange I!

The Lord my God – dare I say – a Friend tested loyalty, and because I also need to be faithful to Him in everything, or in other words: to believe Him in everything without question.

Now the clothes of our flesh and physical world as shell, veil, wherewith he covered Himself from the weak, the real feelings of our Zizhditel ours, prevents us from seeing Him face to face. But losing the corruptible garment of our body, our soul will penetrate through the substance of the world, will rise above them and see the face of the Living God, as he sees now, the man man; knows It, as she is known to Them. …”behold It, as it is” (1 Jn. 3, 2)*.

Our prayer is so valuable, valid and pleasing to God as it is true: the truer, more valuable, more effective.

Wonderful, glorious art my God: I don’t see Him, but bliss to Them; one sincere, humble, the thought of It delights my heart. It’s invisible, but He’s a sweetie, for my happiness.

Mother of Sweetness, o! You teach me worthy to praise Thee, to reverence Thee!

Embarrassment or fear of heart the heart is because our heart fills with something else, and not Christ: it is the absence of Christ in the heart or the loss of Christ by our unbelief. Christ is our peace. Embarrassment is the voice of my heart, crying about deprivation Sweetest Jesus.

“No one will admire them” (the sheep of the Lord) “from hands, O My Father, who hath given Me boli all have: I and the Father are one ECMA” (Jn. 10, 28-30). Ah, our Savior! Now has not come yet this time, the safety of Thy flock. Now at every step threatens them, the danger of theft from a mental wolf, which is often his beauty fascinates flocks of Thy sheep. But now, o Lord, when we by faith hold You, “no one can” we “delight from the hands” of Yours. Make us, o Lord, faith in You.

Christian most needs to try in life that excite, nourish and improve heart a sense of gratitude for God’s mercy, since ordinary, natural, everyday and every minute favors, to unusual and extraordinary; the need to improve feelings of gratitude opens from the fact that the predominantly Christian before other people blessed with the God through His only begotten Son and of the Paraclete spirit. The Christian faith is a continuous blessing of God to man. But if you lose the feeling of gratitude, you will be lost with it the sense of the mercies of God, and without this their and understand us not, because all the blessed gifts osoytsa faith. And faith, in fact, have a sense of the truth of what was done for us by the Lord in the New Testament. The flesh and Blood of the son of God Christians are taught daily in the cleansing and sanctification of the souls and bodies of them. One is a Sacrament causes continual, sacerdocio gratitude to God. Because of that, and it is called Eucharist, or thanksgiving. Not talking about gratitude for innumerable mercies.


That’s deplorable, bothers me the reality: I often have a poisonous pain that I can only release the hot tears in sorrow about my sins before God in prayer, or aspiration of mind and heart to God in living faith. Every day, every hour I experienced confident that Christ is with the father and the Holy Spirit is my only fortress, the only consolation, the only consolation in this life.

How would I protect his heart from him not for a moment trembled with disbelief or dustlane, poisonous doubts? – Hot humble prayer to God.

Never rush heart in prayers and always be in a relaxed and cheerful mood: you’re talking to the God of mercy, bounty and benevolence; to lose heart you’re not about.


If you feel sometimes apparently for no reason the anxious heart, then know that your soul is weary of the emptiness in which it is located, and looking for Creatures That would have filled her sweet, life-giving, that is looking for Christ, Which a Single is the rest and pleasure of our hearts.

As a son, who lives on the contents of the parents, and from head to toe, in their mercy, when he will display before them the severity of the disposition, and dislike disobedience, rather then is to remind you to return him to his duty, which illness the mother was suffering while giving birth to him, what worries, what tenderness was, he nursed her Breasts, and how sincere, are constantly taking part enjoys it to this day, as they tend to deliver everything you need – from food and clothing to the highest needs of the soul, so every Christian, when he removed the heart from God, and will show in his life some moral odically, dislike and disobedience to God, quite often is only to remind you to appeal it to the debt of the love of God that it is all in the mercy of God, that the Son of God has undergone for Its revival in the spiritual life of grace and the suffering of the cross, His Blood shed for him, and to be Denise, as a tender mother nourishes it with His Flesh and blood to this Flesh and blood to make his sin-corrupted nature of the divine life and bliss of Paradise, that’s all starting with hair and paznokcie** high sense of truth, goodness and beauty, – he is of God: and the clothing of the body, and the whole internal man, except his sins.

* Phrase: behold Him, as is, begins in the manuscript with the words, illegible.
** Paznokci – last, extreme joint of the finger.


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