Blessed “Misha” and “vitenka” kept the faith of the people and left

The story of “Blessed” from the book of the priest of Alexander Dyachenko “Sholei. Simple and complex stories about people”, published by the “Nike”.

Photo: Aleksey Myakishev

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After closing temples and arresting priests, we have a lot of oxbow lakes and Starchikov, fools for Christ’s sake. They have asked Council prayers asked to read over the dead. With someone of power were punished and sent behind the priest on stage, but to eradicate the phenomenon of popular piety, they were clearly not under force.

Once I watched a documentary about the blessed Matrona Anemnyasevo. So, when in our years it was suggested to her canonization, someone said, “Why, do little Matrona of Moscow? After all, every village had its own Matron”.

Do I need to glorify these people or not, I don’t know, but the fact that in these parts lived its own Matron, it is a fact. After they tortured our fathers, in the village there was a young Holy fool Matron. No one knew where she came from. A strange girl often seen near the closed Church where she came to pray. She had no shelter, and she lived exactly in accordance with the Gospel words, like a bird that does not sow and not reap.

The village in turn took the Matrona in their homes, fed, clothed. Blessed ate very little, never wore warm clothes and shoes, even in winter. But before the war the beggar found dead. She died or who helped, nobody understood. Bury it in our cemetery and eventually forgotten.

Priest Alexander Dyachenko

Once fit me grandmother parishioner:

— Father, our blessed Matrona to bury her requests. In the dream, came to me and said, “I had not then read the burial service. Just buried.”

— What is she to you come from? — interested in.

— Why, sir, read it, except me of former residents in the neighborhood, there’s nobody left. I’m still a child knew her.

Then I blessed the burial service in absentia. Although correspondence is difficult to funeral called a funeral, but nonetheless. Refused compensation, but a month later, grandma brought and gave me a thick knitted socks:

— Blessed has commanded you to thank, so take, do not give up.

Often people, especially if they come from some small towns or villages, say that they have lived in the County some blessed Misha or slepenky Vitenka. Despite the apparent inferiority, the squalid and strange always come to the aid of those who in that moment it was most needed. But he could denounce the man, pointing to something in him what no one else knew, warned of the danger, healed.

Normal people generally live an ordinary normal life. Sometimes comes to pray in the Church, but most of the time his thoughts about family, work, and a lot more.

When you are healthy and you thank God, God to you, by and large, are not needed. And Matrona Moscow that Anemnyasevo only to Him and cried.

And many more so that’s “Misha” and “vitelcom” without It, it would be quite bad and can not do. Because they are “miserable” that is God’s. The Lord loves them and much of them opens.

Once, before I became a priest, we at the Cathedral of the blessed one lived, his name was George. Everything on the bike around the Cathedral cut. Of course, not on the present, and as small children were running, hands like the wheel was kept and lips: “Tr-R-R-R-R”. But sometimes “drove” to someone of the fathers and quietly in your ear could tell that the priest paled and ran to confession.

I remember one interesting case. Once in the white Cathedral the day broke drunk guy. Pushed an old altar boy and cursing on what light is headed to the altar. In the temple no man, blazhennenkiy George doesn’t count. And yet women are detained the hooligan, and blessed suddenly ran to the tractor and hit with a cane on the head. Suddenly the guy stopped and his head turned to the bellicose George:

— The truth is that I’m doing?

And left.

And one friend of the priest told me this story: when he was a deacon, the evening after the service comes up to him the blessed and warns:

Get ready, tomorrow you will be ordained as priests.

The next morning, and indeed was appointed presvitersky the consecration, not him and the other deacon. So he answered:

— George, you’re wrong, it’s not me, it’s another ordain, my friend, we with him at the Seminary in one group studied.

And George just smiles his childish smile.

The next morning in the Cathedral in the early Liturgy gathered a dozen priests waited for the Lord. As usual, but only in preparation for the Liturgy and ordination, did not pay attention to what he rukopolozhenie missing. He turned out to be, felt not yet ready to serve in the rank of priest and decided to stay home.

Only with the fathers, he was not consulted, and they felt themselves offended by the behavior of the young deacon, said that once they are gathered for the ordination, then it is the will of God, and so someone must ordain. But who? In addition to my mate, a suitable candidate is no longer found, and the fathers turned to the visiting Bishop with the petition. So unexpectedly in the morning of the deacons he became a priest.

Today, when restored thousands of churches and tens of thousands of ordained new priests, almost disappeared and those of the pious, the righteous, the prayer books and blessed that I prayed near the ruined churches, supported people in word and deed, baptized babies, read the Psalter for the dead.

They performed their mission, kept the faith of the people and left.

And for those who today professes to be ascetics and seers, abusivas crosses and icons — all these numerous “women gelam”, “the women of the ton” and other, sometimes broadcasting to the world all the more with the TV screens — this is more suited to the name “Legion”.

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