Bonn opened a joint Pastoral conference

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In the city of Bonn in the temple of the Holy virgin of the Berlin diocese of the Moscow Patriarchate opened a joint Pastoral conference of the two German dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate and the Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia), press service of the German diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. Meeting of the Ministers was opened on 1 October, evening service. After worship and dinner, the priests had the opportunity to fellowship. On the morning of 2 October, the working day began with a joint Liturgy was headed by Archbishop of Berlin and Germany mark, Archbishop Tikhon of Podolsk, Archbishop Agapit of Stuttgart. The service was taken up a petition to the unity of the Church, and for the repose of Archbishop Theophan many years headed the German diocese of the Moscow Patriarchate.

The meeting was opened by Archbishop Tikhon. In his report he spoke about the history of pastoral meetings in Germany and on current Church events. Archbishop mark in his speech called for closer cooperation of the parishes, joint meetings of the clergy of the parishes within the region. Bishop mark also shared his experiences in connection with events in Ukraine, especially that the decree of the Synod to suspend the concelebrating hierarchs of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, as well as participation in the work of the commissions led by representatives Konstantinopolskogo Patriarchate, directly affects the development of Orthodoxy in Germany. When the Bishops ‘ conference, bringing together all the Orthodox bishops in Germany, the Commission, dealing with the translation of liturgical texts, agree on teaching the Law of God is theological Commission. The bishops urged to intensify prayers for the Church unity and peace in her life. Archbishop Agapit noted the successful development of the Orthodox Church activities. The fellowship of Orthodox local Churches is in German language. As a result of this community action, the Orthodoxy in Germany is beginning to be perceived by society and the state as a single. It is a great success and helps the Orthodox Church in Germany, but now, sadly, this unity is called into question.

Was awarded a joint youth work; on the issue scheduled to report priest Alexy Veselov (parish in Krefeld) about the youth of the Church’s mission in today’s Europe. Archpriest Elias Limberger will talk about the experience of teaching the Law of God in schools of Germany. In Germany the Law of God in some Lands it is a compulsory subject in schools, the Church has the right to teach the Orthodox faith.

The meeting also scheduled the presentation of the Professor of the Moscow Theological Academy A. I. Osipov on the choice of faith of the Holy Prince Vladimir.

The third day of the pastoral conference – October 3, working day in Germany. The meeting will begin with a joint celebration of the divine Liturgy. And will continue with a discussion of current pastoral issues.

Following the meetings of the pastoral conference is expected to draw up a General statement from the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church in Germany, and also appeal to the authorities.

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