Boris Grisenko and Sergey Shidlovsky: on Pentecost, the Trinity and Shavuot

“Pentecost, Pentecost, and Pentecost is essentially the same holiday and has its roots in the old Testament”, this was told Boris Grisenko, senior Rabbi of Kiev Jewish Messianic community (KEMO) and Sergei Shidlovsky, the leader of the “Movement seekers of God” in his video.

“For the first time the feast of Pentecost did not appear in New Testament times, by the time this holiday was celebrated for centuries, — says Sergey Shidlovsky. — It all started when the Jews left Egypt and went to mount Sinai where God gave Moses the tablets. According to tradition, this path was approximately 50 days. From that moment and began to celebrate Shavuot, i.e. 7 weeks from the Outcome.”

“Originally, Shavuot was celebrated as an agricultural holiday. And it’s also a celebration of the Torah, that is the gift of the Scriptures to the people through Moses. And at the same time, around 1500 years BC the Holy Spirit comes down, — continued Boris, Grisenko.

“It is interesting that at the first Shavuot, when Moses lingered on mount Sinai the first time, the people poured out of Taurus. In the end, 3,000 Israelites were killed by their brothers, those who remained faithful to God. What happens in the first new Testament Pentecost? 3000 of the Jews, broken by the Holy Spirit originally descended only 120 people began to speak in other tongues, it attracted masses of Jews. The 3000 repented. The Scripture says that they were pierced to the heart. They made a deep repentance , were immersed in water. Entered into a Covenant with the Lord this very day and became a mighty first Apostolic Jewish community.”

According to the Ministers, three festivals with different names have the same value. Or rather, God, through the Scripture traces the line this holiday, exactly what He wanted to do.


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