Boris Grisenko: “Hanukkah is the feast of victory”

December 12, Jews around the world began to celebrate Hanukkah. Senior Rabbi of KEMO Boris Grisenko congratulates Hanukkah and wishes a special spiritual victory. “Hanukkah is the celebration of the victory of the weak over the strong, the few over the many. This victory was won by the weak, the unprepared armies of Israel over the mighty armies of the Gentiles for one reason — they went in the name of God of Israel! They followed the Word of God to the righteousness of God once again reigned in Israel! And God was their best friend, and no enemy forces had nothing to do with this outwardly weak, but inside the powerful army of the winners in advance!

And if you experience any pressure in this celebration of God’s victory, then do not fret. If you feel weak or even helpless in the face of enemy attacks, the pressure of hostile circumstances, if you think that an invisible darkness envelops you from all sides, — do NOT DESPAIR, do NOT be discouraged!

But rejoice and take the hand of the one who already offered you my hand. And surrendering to His Holy will, trusting in His grace and love, rise up and safely dispose of the enemy, as did Yehuda Maccabi and his whole little troop.

And believe me, the victory that won for you, will be revealed in your attack faith!

Congratulations. Hag Hanukkah Our Congregation!

God’s success in these special festive days victorious!”

The Hanukkah celebration will last until December 20.

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