Both sides of the debate about immigrants, the U.S. base arguments on the Bible

The debate about immigrants in the America has moved to a new level because of the policy of separation of children from parents who illegally crossed the border.

Footage of children who are separated from parents, raised a storm. Attorney General Jeff sessions has simply intensified the dispute in support of the policy quoted from the Bible. In the end, the President cancelled a decree ending the practice of separating families.

Both sides in the debate about immigrants claim that is based on one source: the Bible. Their arguments demonstrate the tactics that have been used since ancient times.

“I believe that to enforce the law is according to the Bible”, — said the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

However, in political circles, the Bible began to be linked with the recent arguments about immigration.

“I’m going to quote something a wise commandment which the Apostle Paul gave in the 13th Chapter of the Epistle to the Romans: “Obey the laws of the government because God has given the government,” says U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions.

“The one who selectively uses the Bible to justify cruelty, ignores the main principle of Christianity. Jesus said, “don’t hinder children to come to me.” He didn’t say, “Let the children suffer,” said Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Secretary of state.

The President of Wesley theological Seminary David McAllister-Wilson says that it is best to read the Scriptures without the involvement of personal interests, because it allows the Bible to change the reader on the basis of what God says.

After the negative headlines and opinions, the view was expressed that such a tactic might turn away people from the word of God because it separates people. But this is not new to American history.

“Yes. That’s why we at the Museum of the Bible we invite all to search the Scripture. We don’t say, how to research it. Inconsistencies can occur, but people use the Word of God, and this leads them to explore it,” said Rules Kondar, curator of the Museum of the Bible.

The Museum wants to support this debate, talking about how the Americans used the Bible in history: from the revolution, Civil war, struggle for women’s rights and to the struggle for civil rights. Says McAllister-Wilson, it is important that American Christians — regardless of position — remembered his so-called “dual citizenship”.

“We have the right to vote and live in a democracy. This means that we are dealing with society. But we also believe in the glad tidings of Jesus, Who said that the Kingdom of God is near and that we are citizens of this Kingdom. If we focus on the fact that we are children of God, if we will focus on the Bible and the Holy Spirit and will see the connection in all of us, then we’ll be fine,” says David McAllister-Wilson.

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