Brian Houston wrote a book about “Hillsong” and the most difficult day of your life

The Australian Church “Hillsong” created the soundtrack for churches around the world for many years. Last week, Church leaders announced the intention to establish their own denomination, thus separated from the largest Pentecostal denomination in Australia. Pastor Brian Houston says that, given the growth of “Hillsong” around the world, they should be able to appoint their own pastors and to build the Church so that it helped to promote its mission. In “Studio 5” Brian Houston spoke about the UPS and downs of life, love and leadership.

More than 20 thousand people visit the Church “Hillsong” on Sundays. They have branches in Sydney, Kiev, Moscow, new York, London, Cape town, Paris and many other cities of the world. At the head of this flock is the global pastor Brian Houston, who shared part of his journey in the book “Live, love, liderul”.

Why this book? What made you write this book?

“This book on my heart for a long time. I’m a 32-year pastor in one Church. I’m 40 years preach and serve. I used to help others, to equip them. Now is the right time, because I finally had time to write “Live, love, liderul”. It is my purpose,” he replies.

Houston and his wife Bobbie founded the “Hillsong” in 1983, They met in the school hall, and then in the warehouse with only 45 members. In 4 years the number of people grew to nine. And it continues to grow.

“We started in the school hall on the outskirts of Sydney. In those days, where we are now, there were fields. It was a small room. But it was an amazing story. This miracle — recalls those times of the founder of the “Hillsong”. We had the vision from God, and believe in that will do something important. But the grace of God appeared, which we could not imagine”.

What was the most difficult for these 40 years?

“In the book I talk about the worst day in my life — meets Brian Houston. In 1999 I turned 45. My father was a real hero for me. He inspired me to do what I’m doing now. And one day my assistant came into the office and walked through the to-do list. And in the end he added: “another point”. In tone, I realized that something is wrong. He said that many years ago, back in the 70s we received a complaint which said that my father raped a young man. I couldn’t imagine news, worse than these. They hit me at different levels. I had to confront the father and ask him about it. It really was the worst day of my life. I don’t know if this has resolved the issue. My father died 10 years ago, but the consequences have remained until today.”

What has God taught you through this?

“I know that it wasn’t me. I didn’t do anything wrong. It was my father — meets Brian Houston. In our world there are people who would like to shift the sin of my father to me, but I refuse to accept such. Probably, it has helped me to understand that everyone, everyone has their problems, have their own battle. That is why I believe that anyone can accept the gospel of Jesus, the grace of God.”

The Church “Hillsong” has created more than forty hits, and the music still remains its signature feature. These modern songs of praise Sunday became the soundtrack for churches around the world.

When people think about the Church “Hillsong”, the first thing they remember the music that went worldwide, not about ministries and sermons.

“I’m not a musician. But in my heart I had a desire to lead a Church that will inspire others, says Houston. — I believe in the potential of the Church and the local Church. I wanted to have a Church that he wrote and sang songs that help the Church. And it’s amazing. We have many wonderful performers over the years. But from the very beginning of the song our Church touched the hearts of people. Of course, first in Australia and then worldwide. It is a miracle. Someone once said to me “Brian, you realize this is just a season?” They talked about the impact of worship “Hillsong”. I agree that this season, but as long as this season lasts quite a long time.”

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