“But come with us the porridge is!” The Memory Of Valery Khalilov

Valery Khalilov was called a military band “the connecting link between the army and the people”, and the very wind music – “musical symbol of the country along with the national anthem and the coat of arms”. Shipwrecked together with other passengers of the TU-154, he himself remained a character parades, military marches, endless love of life and country, Pravmir recalls the well-known military conductor.

Valery Khalilov

  • On Board the crashed TU-154 were the main military conductor of Russia Valery Khalilov
  • Valery Khalilov: “I don’t understand how can you not love the Church”
  • Metropolitan Hilarion dedicated his concert in the largest hall in Russia, Valery Halilov
  • In the Vladimir region is buried, the chief military conductor of Russia Valery Khalilov
  • “Music of his orchestra he was one of the officers”

In the life of Lieutenant-General Valery Khalilov joined two seemingly opposite life. As the chief military conductor of the country, he shone in the Victory Parades, the orchestra was led by thousands of people during the international wind music festival “Spasskaya tower” – a military musician was its founder. And after went to his village in the Vladimir oblast: went to the forest for strawberries, they gathered all the neighbors at one table, tended the pray-pillar near the main road.

For him it was natural after talking with the stars of the world stage is with the audience buckwheat from the field kitchen. Valery Khalilov died 25 December 2016 in the terrible plane crash of Tu-154 plane, which was flying to Syria. A year has passed. Pravmir remembers the great conductor and musician.

Favorite anecdote Khalilov:

The conductor sits angel on the shoulder and asks:
– I have two news for you, one good, the other bad. With what to begin?
– With good.
– When you go to another world, you’re the conductor of the angelic choir.
– So, what’s the bad news?
First rehearsal is tomorrow.

The next day, the brothers will call did not have time

December 23, at eight in the evening Valery Khalilov called his younger brother, Colonel, and composer Alexander Halilov: – Shura! How’s it going? And we’re going with Olga from IKEA, the table I bought is so cool!

At this point Alexander made arrangements to the song “There is only a moment” and stayed on the line “…for it and hold on.”

– Are you there song “Dear sit here” did? – continued senior Khalilov. He had long wanted to add it to the repertoire of the Alexandrov ensemble. And with a smile said: – Well, Sanya, you can do it.

Will do, Valerie I will, ‘ laughed Alexander. He has always been a major arranger of songs brother.

The next day they phoned and did not. And on December 25 at 8 a.m. at Khalilova Junior rang another:

– Sasha, Valerie flew away?

Yes. What happened?

– The plane disappeared from the radar…

I clung to the TV, – says Alexander. And about 10 am came the news that the Board was a boss… And then I realized that everything is… hard to say…

Valery and Alexander Khalilov

After the death of his brother in the office of Alexander in the Institute of military bandmasters of the Military University of the Ministry of defence is not left empty space. On the walls – pictures of Valeria in childhood, on parade at the Spasskaya tower, Billboard evenings of memory, newspaper clippings with articles.

On the shelf Alexander Khalilov put your favorite wooden figure from the office of Valery Mikhailovich – two parrots on a branch: one touch, and both begin to beat with the rhythm of the beak. When Alexander Khalilov’s son Michael, also a military conductor, came to visit Valery Mikhailovich, he joked: “Oh, two woodpecker came!”. And began to talk.

Valery Khalilov in his office.

Photograph of three musicians Halilovich with a ceremony honoring military families now also hanging over the table. A full computer screen – photo Valery Mikhailovich – in his office he’s talking on the phone.

“I was brought up in Paradise village”

The younger brother remembers that the house music was constantly heard. Just when he was born, the eldest, a four year old Valera, was already seated at the piano. A year later, with a bow tie, a future Lieutenant General was playing “March of Chernomor” from the Opera “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. Father, a military bandmaster, Michael, then I realized the dynasty will continue.

Conductor Mikhail Khalilov children

They lived in Kazakhstan Dzhambul, father led the city military band, whose concerts were crowd – and the Philharmonic, and in parks. A day with the boys Valera was running through the city barefoot, catching minnows in the canals to irrigate the fields, and in the evening ran to the concert.

“July evening, shining lights, may beetles are flying and the music of military brass band, but under the dancing couples will remember Valery then. – Now this may look archaic, but then so was the habitat of people.”

Mother Claudia loved Foxtrot “Blooming May”, and when he heard on radio, father walked slowly across the room and conducted. Valera and his younger brother Sasha and her older sister Lily, transfixed, watched the movement of his hands – both brothers then became musicians.

Alexander recalls one weekend my father took service military truck ZIL-157, put sons on the back, and they went to the steppe to gather tulips. After the concerts Valery will give dozens of bouquets, but your favorite will still be tulips and cornflowers field from his village. Khalilov his childhood spent in the village of Innovations in Vladimir region, grandmothers and great-grandmothers on the maternal side.

His father served in the Dzhambul, but a mother with children, was periodically visited by the home. In one such visit Valeria baptized as he is with a smile and remembered, put in a basin with cold water, and when the priest leaned over, the future conductor clutched his beard. About village life he remembered as a very great happiness:

– I was brought up in this Paradise village: the smells, birds, fields, meadows stunning, the river next to the house directly flowing silver water. Minnows, we from this river… I did not run ever in the village, was all the time on the river, we never went to drink water from the well. We drank water from the river. That’s for sure. Hand catching minnows, then the minnows roasted yourself. I have this Russian character, it is laid down that village.

“We came into the dining room of the school and poplakala”

In 1965, dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The whole family was demobilized in Moscow, in odnushku area of 28 square meters on the Oktyabrskaya metro station. Valera studied at the music school on Bolshaya Yakimanka street, was walking in Gorky Park and listened to the waltzes and symphonies. And at age 11 he entered the Moscow military music school. Competition – 50 people to place a limit of 30 boys from all over the USSR. Khalilov was held.

Began life strictly according to the Charter: rise at 07:15, lights out at 22:15.

– Put shoulder straps, put in order, hair cut bald – so we went for three years. Torn from parents, home coziness, placed in the barracks. It was painful and sad, – will remember then Valery Khalilov. For silver forest was a Church invalid, where was the dining room. Sasha Mahem in this dining room came poplakala. Well, it was hard actually. Wanted to go home.


The younger brother, arrived there after four years, confirms that it was hard. When mom left, and he started to howl. In addition, both brothers were of small stature. The students good-naturedly joked: when the youngest played in the locker room hide and seek, took them and the straps on the trousers hung on the hanger and ran away. After the bell teacher came and filmed. “We never, of course, did not say who did it,” said Valery.

Home for the weekend Valera almost always came with friends – one bedroom housed my parents, my grandma, sister with brother Sasha, four cadets, and a poodle Fluff. “The house was immediately filled with a specific “military” aroma – a mixture of barracks, leather, Shoe Polish,” so remember those days of Alexander. Slept on the floor, and mom all cooked a pot of pasta with sausages, sat and discussed the training routine.


Three cadet – Igor Ignatov, Vladimir Tsarev, Ilya Panikar – life will remain best friends Valeria. And the school now bears his name.

– Self – discipline is first and foremost. Discipline of time, discipline content. Only then you can come to a success in your life. And of course a goal, something to strive for, said about the study conductor. Nothing is achieved the easy way. If the goal is achieved the easy way, so be careful, something’s not right here, I think.

“We have this conductor for the ears pull”

Further – the military bandmaster Department of the Moscow state Conservatory named after P. I. Tchaikovsky. On receipt, the Commission asked the cadets to line up – growth Valery was the lowest – only 156 centimeters.

Head of the faculty was surprised and with a smile dropped: “Why is a conductor necessary? He will need a big stand”. What the future head of the course said, “Nothing, we have his ear pull”. A year after the summer holidays Valery walked down the halls of the Conservatory, walked, greeted, by the teacher, clarinetist of the Avant-garde Fedotov and suddenly in the back he flew a surprised exclamation: “Khalil, is that you?!” “I, Vanguard A.! Rose!”

The young conductor Khalilov

The first three years, students again lived in the barracks. Then Valery Mikhailovich asked: “how can you be creative in the barracks? If she drowns out the talent?”.

The talent and creativity is not dependent on the environment. Or is there, or not, – explained the conductor. – People can write music, write poetry in any situation. Pushkin in the carriage, for example, composed. It was convenient? Probably not. Doing the same Sheet, wrote music and played and took with him a mill piano training. I mean, I think it depends on the thinking, just knowing that you are capable of. This is creativity. In any situation, so to speak.

“I say to all: I started with the village”. – “From what?” – “Tsar!”

After the third year cadet Khalilov met his future wife. But first, on vacation in Gagra met their mother. “And to my now two daughters arrive from Kiev”, – said future mother-in-law Irina. “And to my two sons from Moscow”, – said Claudia N.”. We decided to meet.

“I was invited to the home of new friends, there was a Grand piano. I, of course, sat behind it. The piano – the instrument sensitive, so I immediately nailed it. Still, not just student — like playing! – will tell later Valery.

Departed, began to correspond. Natalia studied at the engineering Institute. On a winter vacation with my sister arrived in Moscow. Valery showed the museums and theaters. In 1974 they got married.

Wedding of Valeria and Natalia

A year later, Valery with the rank of Lieutenant graduated from the Conservatory. He was assigned to the town of Pushkin near St. Petersburg to lead an orchestra Pushkin higher school of air defense.

August afternoon with two suitcases Valery and Natalia came To St. Petersburg, spent the night with friends, and in the morning the train departed. “I say to all: I started with the village”. “What?” – “Tsar!” – joked the conductor. Service apartment they were given only a year, and yet they were placed in the Dorm room. A little later, from the hospital there, and bring the first daughter Olga.

And then immediately after arrival Khalilov left the suitcases and went for a walk along the Boulevard to the Catherine garden, saw the Royal Palace. “The chest was stirred from this beauty, and once in the bosom of such architectural codenotti, anyone I think would quiver with an interest in history and the environment,” – says the conductor then.

Khalilov began to study the architecture of the city, went all the way around. The Director of the Pavlovsk Palace was asked to write music to the poem “All I see is hilly Pavlovsk” Anna Akhmatova. The Lieutenant tried – it romance. The orchestra performed it on the 200th anniversary of the Palace. Since Khalilov began to grow as a composer. It was called “last of the Mohicans”: the military music, particularly marches, almost no one wrote.

– It pains me to hear when people say that the performance of the marches is a step towards the militarization of the whole country,” the conductor then admitted that Yes, there are marches, which “evoke the feeling of the procession of any railway, motor monster to you. But no lyrics, no spiritual needs, they do not carry.” And advised to listen to the music: it’s about all I will say.

The most difficult March of the composer Khalilov is considered “the March General Miloradovich” dedicated to the hero of the war of 1812. Valery put music to the words of prayer, and not changed a single word. He wrote 20 marches.

“He could approach the janitor on the street and talk”

In 1981, the orchestra Khalilov took first place in the competition of military bands of the Leningrad military district, and Valery has the rank of captain was appointed teacher of military conducting faculty at the Moscow Conservatory. Moved to Moscow, got a small three-Timiryazevskaya, where the family still lives. Born the second daughter Mary.

Young family

Three years later – new appointment: Khalilov was transferred to the military band service Armed forces of the Soviet Union. To become an officer. The 1990s has already met Deputy chief. The power changed in the country and the Ministry, four years from 1991 to 1995 – there were no parades on may 9, closed with a brass Department and only factory tools. “There were years of memorable, when the purchase of musical instruments have been allocated nothing. Even the repair of musical instruments had to look up the crumbs”, will remember this time Khalilov.

The first parade after the break, began to prepare for six months. Valery has collected all of the conductors of orchestras, to watch the repertoire.

– Remember standing in line and Muntagirov, says Pravmiru Colonel Igor Shevernev, then he led the orchestra Rocket Academy. But Valery praised.

Ten years Khalilov – already head of the military orchestra service of the armed forces, chief military conductor invited Shevernev become his Deputy – chief inspector.

Once during a rehearsal I disobeyed what Valery said firmly: “Shevernev! Will be commander, will command!”. But it was good quality – quickly departed – says the Colonel. – That is, on the one hand, were demanding, and very open person. I think every man for him was the whole planet, he could approach the janitor on the street and talk. Such unrefined people, non-serial.

Their rooms were opposite each other, and when Valery wrote the melody, often called “Igor, look at what note it is better to take?”. With colleagues Valery Khalilov tried to maintain informal relations: they called them to the country home Innovations, together put on the table, sang to the guitar. One of the visits Igor unsuccessfully slammed the trunk and damaged the joint, and Valery several times in the evening he repeated to the Monday morning definitely went for x-rays.

House Halilovich updates

I think he wanted to open. Then the office will be different to decide, I guess. And if he could be tough at home – the soul wide open, – says Igor. He often told us his favorite joke: “To the conductor sits angel on the shoulder and asks: I have two news for you, one good, the other bad. With what to begin?” – “Good”. “When you go to another world, you’re the conductor of the angelic choir.” – “So, what’s the bad news?” – “And the first rehearsal tomorrow.”

Military band – a connecting link between the army and the people

Started in 2002, to a new position of head of the military orchestra service of the Armed forces, Valery Khalilov went to inspect orchestras across the country, and there are more than two hundred. Listening to the repertoire, checking the qualifications of conductors.

– You need to make it so that whoever is sitting in the audience or standing on the parade ground, our performance remained in the memory as one of the best memories in his life. First of all I would like to the ranks of the military musicians were replenished with qualified personnel, he said.

The first time may 9 on red square, Valery – the then cadet school – was 1967 in the company of drummers, was the guide. From 2002 to 2016 as the chief military conductor Khalilov held 14 parades. The Red area came out, a choir of a thousand people, and Valery conducted. For most of the audience remains a mystery how he managed to do it.

Photo: www.classicalmusicnews.ru

They say that in those years the orchestra of the defense Ministry and appeared popular among the people. He was not only to perform their traditional tasks – to accompany various military rituals, but also to perform classical music to the General public.

– When I was appointed, first, do not know what to do with the team outside the building. A few years later do not know how to fend off the constant offers to act, – admitted Valery and added that his task as a military musician to popularize the genre of brass music.

So, he arranged military music festivals in Khabarovsk, Tambov, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Voronezh, Sevastopol, toured in different countries.

– A military band brass replace nothing, – explained Valery Khalilov. – He is subject to any genres of the March, waltz, Overture, Symphony, Opera. Unfortunately, many music fans know the orchestra, because it does not sound. And before the orchestra replaced the Philharmonic.

A military band he called “the connecting link between the army and the people”, and the very wind music – “clean genre” and “musical symbol of the country along with the national anthem and the coat of arms”: the sounds are not subject to modernization, it’s a classic, and the orchestra plays it in all weather conditions. And said, “I believe that we, military musicians, their art do a lot to encourage and inspire”.

Main creative project Valery Khalilov is the international festival of military orchestras “Spasskaya tower”. Several years passed and August in Moscow is not present without the parade marching and show bands from different corners of the earth.

Shortly before the accident Valery as artistic Director of the festival, admitted: “In principle we are all left to the music and tried to pick up the repertoire so that orchestras have had artworks are more optimistic, Moody, funny. This festival mood.” 4 months before his death at the “Spasskaya tower” appeared Lumiere and projection of paintings by Basil under the “waltz of the flowers”.

Is all boundless creativity, and it is interesting to all. Valera was a patriot to the roots of the hair, loved the native land. And everything that happened around him very worried and are all very experienced as a normal adequate person, – says Alexander Khalilov. And he knew that to bring the countries together through music, and in fact it is. Some said that “music does more than diplomats”. In the sanctions years were very difficult, some refused to participate, but he was understanding. Understand that everything is transient, and the music is eternal.

Colleagues remember: once after the concert Valery Mikhailovich, a woman came up – thanks for the music. And he offered in reply: “come with us to the porridge it is!” And held without a pass to the field kitchen.

“All the problems with work are home, and my wife patiently listens to”

-In General, his favorite cereal was rice. Mom often cooked it for Breakfast. Dad was very simple in food, did not like seasonings, says youngest daughter Maria.

With two daughters, Khalil spent time: playing “cops and robbers”, “12 sticks”, “Dodgeball”. Valery often took the guitar and sang, “Honey, sit here” and “spinning, Spinning blue ball”. Rested Khalilov in the village: they built huts, fished, went to the forest for berries and mushrooms, he loved strawberries, and when passing by a field of flowers, saying, “Look at the flowers!”.

Family he considered important in life, and in one interview said:

– Family should be a model because everyone [there] is born, the whole future life is, of course, in the family. As it should be. And then there are other aspects related to educational activities, with the people around you. I was lucky from so many years a woman lives with me, nor abandoned nor because of my irregular service, nor because of the complex nature. I’m Moody, demanding. All the problems from work are home. And my wife patiently listens to all your emotions takes over. And the whole house, children, grandchildren – all on her and we all gotovenkoe.

One day from a trip Valery brought three grandchildren military uniforms with their names and explained to the boys how important it is to take care of the only sister.

And my sister, and grandchildren dad taught piano, marching step, together, put on some plays, skits, always sang. He always said that to achieve everything you need to and believed that the rating “3” and “4” is obtained only fools – either “2” or “5,” recalls Maria. – He also liked to collect wooden figures, we have a collection of toy soldiers musicians, a Museum of Souvenirs.

When two older grandson got out of the music school, the chief military conductor replied calmly: “I do Not want and do not if the ability is, it will manifest”. The third grandson is still hooked on music and began to study the clarinet – like and Valery.

– Of course, we went with him to concerts, but the parades were just for General practice. Probably dad was uncomfortable asking for tickets, – continues Maria. – He’d always send us home if after the concerts was some sort of buffet, I didn’t need you here.” Dad was a very humble man.

He kept a tight rein on modesty, – with a slight smile adds Alexander Khalilov. I didn’t even know he had so many awards.

“I don’t understand how can you not love the Church”

“Promised land” for Valery Khalilov was his native village News, where his great-grandmother, grandmother and mother. There all Khalilov went whenever there were holidays, and each year had a rest in Gagry. In the village built a house, planted a garden, at the weekend chopped wood and stoked. In the last summer of his life Valery planted a flower bed with lilies.

In new products even before the revolution there was a tradition: every year on 28 July – the day of memory svyatykh muchenikov kirika I iulitty, which are considered the protectors of the village, all residents gather at the same table, take out the pickles, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers, sing, talk to, as they say, walking the whole village. Over time the village began to appear the new residents, fences began to rise. Then Valery Khalilov has decided to revive the tradition of July 28, on a large meadow near the main road reappeared tables.

Village on the day of memory of saints Kirik and Iulita

He decided to build a prayer post at the entrance to the village and was fascinated by this idea all the neighbors. Inside of the cross put the list of villagers. Then together with his wife Valery went to the cross and cared for him.

– These pies out of the oven, these thunderstorms. I have several times seen ball lightning, popped right in front of me. These herds that smell after flock will pass – it’s all so exciting, and now, when that smell could find somewhere at once – there lost in the past. Here is a lovely, zapasnoe. This is amazing. That, I suppose. All of this inspired me to believe in God, – said Valery.

He recalled that my grandmother was a believer and often said: “Grandson, we have not instituted, not for us and cancel”. Maybe that’s why Christianity and Church life seemed Halilov something completely organic, constant and correct:

– A wooden chapel that stood in our village was destroyed, and on holidays, all my grandmother went to the monastery Church of the neighbouring village. I went with them, and I remember, though was small: our fabulous forests, Vladimir… of the glade strawberry, domes of churches. Even the Russian nature is fascinating, but how can you not love the Church, at least as a part of Russian spiritual culture — I do not know!

Close colleagues Khalilov say that before big events, he usually went to the Church of St. Nicholas within a five minute walk from the University, and then went to speak.

He remained in the status “active” military

In April 2016, Khalilov became artistic Director of the Academic song and dance ensemble of the Russian army. A. V. Alexandrov – a new position was appointed by order of the Minister of defence Sergei Shoigu.

– He very much doubted – says brother Alexander. – Sat on a chair in front of me and said, “Sanya, what to do?” He whole life was devoted to the military-band service, and in the ensemble of another technique of conducting. Say to him: “What would you do if you had seven spans in a forehead, in a year you will still have to retire by age. 65 years is the limit. But it will raise the ensemble.”

And so it happened: four months later, the ensemble for the first time in history gave the first concert in the Big hall of the Moscow Conservatory and then at the Bolshoi theatre.

Photo: Evening Moscow

21st of December 2016 Valery Khalilov was playing in mini-soccer, together with colleagues in the service – he believed that a conductor should be a model not only of musical taste, but also bearing. On the morning of 23 December, two days before the flight to Syria, came to the University to congratulate friend birthday – gave him a lantern with plenty of options. “Usually, the hand shaking, and then suddenly hugged me, as if came to say goodbye” – remember colleagues.

30 January – the birthday of the conductor – his daughter Maria wrote on Facebook:

“Today, Valery Halilov M., my DAD is 65 years. Is the age limit of service in the Army for Lieutenant. The date we waited with some excitement, because the man who dedicated his whole life to the beloved service in the Army (11 years) , coming to the line, which changes, on the one hand, only two words from “active” to “retired”, on the other hand carries a psychological burden, translating to an active, healthy, strong person in a new status of ” retired military”.

Speaking with my dad about this date, and the reasons for this were many, in the eyes and in the words was a perceptible sadness. He didn’t know where to move. Said to live in the village and relax in their places on the Black sea. But for such a creative, energetic, public and not afraid of the word, a popular person just to “rest” it would be difficult. He couldn’t do it. Perhaps that is why he left before they reach the calm of age and remained in “active” status in the military, young and recognized by all!!! <…>

Dad gave me 34 years of happiness. In addition to career success, dad created and kept family values with the same creative approach, as he did everything else. Parents taught us important – enjoy the little things. Dad taught me to love and appreciate nature. Strawberries, cornflowers, lilacs, the smell of wormwood, the smell of hay, mushrooms, mildew, trees and more is what made him happy and filled with energy. And that’s what he gave us.”

The remains of a conductor according to his will buried near the temple of Archangel Michael in the Kirzhach district: Valery Khalilov loved him very much, he often visited and donated money for the restoration. Buried with full military honors: the sound of the orchestra and a salute. Was his “Adagio,” which Valery wrote in 2006, and since then, it has become mandatory for funeral ceremonies. Among the mourners were strangers to the woman conductor was once invited to buckwheat.

In March, the Moscow Philharmonic was held a big concert of memory of Valery Khalilov – it was prepared for the anniversary of Valery Mihajlovich, repertoire, agreed with the musicians. And it hardly changed – only added to a memorable word. As the title took a line from a song “Love life” on poems by Alexander Savitsky, its composer was Valery Khalilov.

Colleagues say: in the summer the orchestra in Tambov at the festival, which was organized by Valery, suddenly appeared a double rainbow. Rainbow noticed during the “Spasskaya Tower”, and then in Khabarovsk. One of the marches Khalilov and is called “rainbow”. Colleagues say: “believe it or not, but we then thought that Yes, Valery is with us”.

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