For residents of the cities of Eastern Ukraine, victims of war, Medical mobile clinic, and Association “Emmanuel” carried out a series of actions during which people receive free medical examination, medical consultations and medicines. In June-July, the medical team visited Krasnogorovka (Donetsk region) and Golden (Luhansk region) from 7 to 9 August a team of 24 people held honey.share in Svetlodarsk (Donetsk region).

“We have repeatedly visited these regions before the war, now, and hopefully in the future we will also visit. This buffer zone, the people here are in a very difficult situation, and who better than us to come here, — says Valery Sinyukov, chief doctor of the Medical mobile clinic. — Few people want to come here, but we have a team of people who come here voluntarily, and with a sense of duty and responsibility is ready to help the people that are here. And spiritually support the people to come to the Lord.”

Svetlodarsk is a small town of district significance. It is located near Gorlovka and Debaltsevo, where military operations continue.

“There are no doctors here, no specialists, children’s doctors also went. I’m with the kids in the basement sat a week, a lot of people too. Our neighbors shell in the roof fell, we were at home…” — says a resident of Svetlodarsk of Ekaterina Nesterova-Samofalova.

“War, shooting, fear, and what can be done – to live. The window broke, TV broke into four pieces, furniture. Well, nothing attached”,— says a local resident Tamara weaver.

In late January the hospital of Svitlodarsk fired at the militants, infectious diseases unit was destroyed, killing a nurse. Since most of the doctors left, the hospital cannot perform its functions in full.

“We work for the eighth month without a paycheck at all, – tells Nonna of the yard, the nurse of a hospital in Svitlodarsk. – When we had the military action, the government withdrew the hospital from the balance, considered that it completely bombed. Pharmacies in the city had a few, now left alone, and that is not all day. Unfortunately, the people in the evening or at night was bad, medication to take anywhere. And, as they are brought to our Department, rescue, unfortunately, nothing”.

The people here are in need of food and basic necessities. They have nowhere to work nothing to live. According to the doctors, almost every resident of the zone ATO has health problems.
“The region where we are now, for the second year in a firing zone. People sleep less, eat poorly, not enough time together. And, unfortunately, experiencing constant feeling that might happen next disaster. This expectation keeps people in a constant sense of anxiety, which of course affects the health, explains psychologist-psychotherapist Natalia Caesar. — People have high blood pressure, frequent headaches, appear chronic disease and primarily affect the endocrine system. Almost all patients complain of tearfulness, aggression, irritability. Family break — just because people can’t be around”.
Each patient med.the action begins with a survey of complaints and assignments, expert advice, and — referral to diagnosis. The laboratory and equipment, ultrasound And EKG comes with the doctors. Results patients receive immediately. In the office of the ophthalmologist checks the vision and give free points.

“We gave here glasses about three hundred people examined children, the elderly… basically came to the elderly, those who are unable to leave, remain here and do not have the funds. Came people who, for eight or nine months do not receive salaries, and they were very happy to get the points, — says the doctor-ophthalmologist Iryna Vlasenko. — We accept all people, don’t look at religion, political views. The love of God covers all. We help people of Ukraine.”

The people here are happy doctors. They share stories about their ailments and are happy when the doctors know how to help. Each patient med.the campaign is in the pharmacy kit according to the recommendations of physicians. And every happy, because the most simple medicines in this city’s acute shortage.

“If to speak about a universal cure — this is not, — says Vadim Pustovoit, family doctor (internist). — First assistant to the patient and the doctor. But, if this is not — I always tell patients, that they go to Church. Universal medicine is the Word of God.”

Universal medicine was also distributed. The purpose of this action is not only to relieve physical condition, but also to support people spiritually. During communication with consultants people shared my soul, turned to God, received the addresses of local churches and Christian literature.

“A lot of pain we have heard over these days, and thank God for the opportunity to serve the city and its people, says consultant Galina Muhametkalieva. — It is especially seen as a lot of people pain. Because of the situation that is happening here, because of fears that they are experiencing. And see how people today are open to the preaching of the gospel. Almost all pray a prayer of repentance. People cry, confess specific sins, gladly take Christian literature, themselves asking. I ask and pray for your needs, the needs of family and friends. Of course, the big request and need is about the world. Here we stand at the gates of heaven and hell. I don’t know if we will see any of these people. Because time is of dangers await them at every step.”

As part of a charity medical project is about 20 away interest per year, and during each med.getting help from 400 to 700 patients.
Three days of service in Svetlodarsk medical advice, diagnosis and drugs received 636 people. In the health clinic to continue similar actions in the Eastern region of Ukraine.

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