Came a video about the Church’s social Ministry infographic


Every year the Russian Orthodox Church opens more than 100 new social projects, including 6-7 shelters for moms, up to 10 projects to help addicted people, dozens of humanitarian aid. The Church has organized over 400 projects for the disabled, 95 shelters for the homeless and many other, often unique for the whole country, social institutions and initiatives.

In total in Russia there are over 4,500 Church social projects. Behind these figures, work is 8 thousand social workers and thousands of volunteers. The Church helps all people – regardless of nationality, ethnicity or religion of the person.

For the development of Church social service work of the Synodal Department for charity. To support the work of the Department, you can send an SMS with the word “Department” and the amount in room 3443. For Example: “Department 100“. Video prepared with the support of the International grant competition “Orthodox initiative 2017-2018”.

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