Came. Saw. Adopted

In 1983, the single student of the Khabarovsk medical Institute Yury Zinchuk adopted left in the hospital child, and was subjected to harassment and was almost expelled from the University. This story then has thundered for the whole Union. 35 years later we managed to find her hero. And learn the story of another no less amazing adoption.

Yuriy Zinchuk

  • The orphanage shuddered: “You know what you’re asking?”
  • Adoptive father: Cool is not a good orphanage, and when it is not there
  • “Dad, you’re the seventh,” said our daughter for lunch
  • I call my Chuchundra – mom

The last three and a half years, the family of Dr. Zinchuk lives in Kiev, sharing a tiny rented house with two dogs and nine cats. Almost all animals Zincali sheltered from the street – even when lived in its own spacious rural house in the Donetsk region.

House, numerous farm and a wonderful clinic I had to leave because of the war – in the summer of 2014 the village was on the edge of the infamous Ilovaisky boiler. In the first days of the truce, barely subsided tears “grad” and dissipated in the County of Chad burning tanks, the family gathered their belongings, cats dogs and went nowhere, adding to the huge army of “internally displaced persons”.

The abandoned house is now looked after living in the Donbass with his family’s eldest son, Bogdan. The one on which in 1983 wrote “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and other Newspapers. But only Yuri and Galina Zinchuk four children. Two of them adopted. Could be more, but for the first time to adopt the jury was not given the “adopter” himself was barely 16…

Galina and Yury Zinchuk

I saw a child – like and rooted for him

In childhood, says Yury Zhukov, he did not get male attention. The grandparents are not found, neither in the paternal nor in the maternal line. One died in Berlin the day before the Victory, the second was blown up immediately after the war, when to stun fish to feed the starving villagers. With father close relationship did not work out – the crippled blockage in the mine, hard drinking. Brother Yura was not only two sisters. Another sister died immediately after birth, the rural doctors did not save…

There would be good to insert a pathetic suggestion on how experienced a family tragedy engendered in the soul of the boy dream of becoming a doctor and to save newborn babies, but it’s not. The fate of becoming a doctor and save the children for jury determined the case.

Medical I have always believed in some gods, an incredibly intelligent and literate people of the seven spans in a forehead, – says Yury. – What could we, the Donetsk boys! I wanted to be “just” a filmmaker, come to VGIK, Gerasimov to learn… receive the certificates, I decided with a friend to do to get started in Dnepropetrovsk theatre school. Go to the station for tickets and meet – and rewarded. Says: “Guys! Came to us three trips to med school, military paramedics. Even with triples on the exam will take. Will you go?” We immediately turned around – still would not go!

The father, however, was strongly opposed. “Why is it you want? Going from the old ship to pass!” “Yes, says. – And I will!”

And I really didn’t think that was something terrible. But I really wanted to help people, some kind of mercy here in me already had. In General, insisted, and received.

During his studies in medical school and George and I, largely determined his subsequent life. The meeting, which even today, after more than forty years, he could not tell without tears. Begins, but stops, turns and makes a sign with his hand, so I turned off the recorder…

– It was in the second year. We then interned at the children’s ward of the hospital. Was there a ward for babies abandoned by their parents. They were there twelve people, I guess. In the arena of play. And one boy, Sergei, old two and a half he had somehow picked me out of the entire group. I began to learn and to reach out to me. We all went is always the same – in robes, hoods and masks – persons are not visible. But no matter where I stood, Serge recognized me, pulled me pen, happy, smiling… Like now see him – the eyes blue, hair blond, curly… And I feel like I’m rooted to it!

Come to mother and say, “We need to adopt this child!” Mother and not opposed. Came with her, began to learn what and how. I adopt not given, because he himself only 16 years old. And that mother was able to adopt, you need the consent of the father. But the father is a hundred years is not needed. He then got drunk, was pestering the entire family… and left Sergei in the hospital. That was more to it – I don’t know…

To take delivery – this is happiness!

The relationship with the father from all in the family became worse – conflicts, constant scandals, fights… Over the fact that his father was taken to compulsory treatment from alcoholism, and his mother, unable longer to endure this life, left with the children to the North in the Magadan region. Countrywoman sent an invitation, helped to get a job. Soon after graduating from College and having graduated as a paramedic, relocated and Jura.

And was immediately snapped up by medics in the village of Talaya, where was a large farm and children’s sanatorium, has been sorely lacking. The guy’s name was in the hospital and in the sanatorium, but he chose state farm kindergarten children loved, moreover, was offered the position of physician and office accommodation. At the same time began to work as a nurse in the hospital.

Dr. Yuriy Zinchuk

After a year of a young physician in the area appreciated and admired. Medical authorities convinced not to go into the army, and to continue their education, moreover, with honors nursing, it was possible to pass only one entrance exam to medical school. Yuri chose Khabarovsk. Wanted to be a midwife, and therefore the documents filed in the obstetric Department. But the head of admissions, Dean of pediatric and persuaded me to choose Pediatrics. However, the GYN didn’t want to release student Zinchuk.

In College we didn’t have obstetric practices. Theory – plenty, but the practice was not necessary. Neither in the hospital nor on the late shift. And after the first course I come home in the North. Just got in the bath as an urgent call for a delivery. Resorted to giving birth – the baby is coming. I like the child’s head saw – fear I almost gave birth! And when the birth took – made a promise to myself that I would become a midwife.

And became, and soon, in the second year. Arriving at school, an acquaintance got a job as a midwife in the 1st clinical hospital of Khabarovsk. The month was trained by experienced midwives, and then started to take birth himself. I worked in the hospital 5 years and involved during this time about 400 genera, and in the last two years he has already trained young obstetricians.

– Experience then I have had a great. Have seen much, God forbid… And girls 14-15 years old to give birth, which was raped by my stepfather and women prisoners who were brought under guard, and patients in psychiatric hospitals. Grief, troubles, stillborn, premature, and abandoned children – it was…

In General, saw midwifery from the inside. This is a grinder. Midwives were mainly working on the principle – if only the woman did not explode. Hence the frequent injuries to infants during childbirth. But for me the priority was children. Tell mommy: will break – will suture it heals, but if a child gets hurt, it’s for life. In General, to save the child – it was my thing.

When the women realized this, they began to enroll in childbirth to me. Lying on keeping was also called to give birth to me.

And for me it was happiness these families make! When a child is born, you first pick him up, first see a boy or a girl and tell your mom about this – this is happiness.

Photo: Vsevolod Tarasevich

I your son will take!

Abandoned mothers and children lying in separate hospital ward before transfer to the 2nd phase of incubation in the infectious diseases Department, Yuri saw every day. Saw, sorry, sad and even thought about the possibility of adoption sometime in the future. But the destiny has disposed differently.

Once they come to work, I think women – 40 of them I was lying – one is not enough. The bed is empty, on the nightstand a note: “Sorry, I’m keeping the child, foster can’t put down”. Left. I even couldn’t immediately recall her name. Go to the nursery to see the baby.

Children are usually born swollen, red, lubrication, and this is the beauty indescribable. Braslet eyebrow, eyelash black, lips. Sleeping. And smiling to me in a dream. And here was some anguish… I was like lightning pierced. Felt something… Like a sign from God…

And in the morning, Yuri called the doctor and asked to find the mother atkusnis to write an official denial. Perhaps the child has already someone has eyes – wanting to adopt then there were many, but the objectors are from wealthy families with good heredity came across infrequently. The fact that the heredity is good, Jura realized that when I met with the mother and recognized her as the woman took the previous birth. Learned the reason for the refusal.

She is an actress, her husband – a military officer. Two children. Husband entered the military Academy, went to Leningrad and met another woman. Saving the family, the wife decided on another child, when the husband came on leave. And before the birth he wrote to his wife that he had just had a child in Leningrad and that he’s filing for divorce…

Tells me: “I am constantly on the road, a little boy, my mother, the second from his mother. To educate homeless children’s room of militia I’m not going, I’m hard.”

I take and say in their hearts: “I your son will take!” Said, and I think to myself: how do I do that?

The student of the 4th course are not married, even girls were not. But contained a mother and two sisters. But I was always a man of action. Now tell your children decide to do, no doubt.

The matter of the adoption of the Jura started with legal consultation, benefit when they were free. Lawyers told a fake story about how he lived with a woman and she bore him a son, and then decided to leave the child in the hospital. And as they say, is now the father to take his child? It turned out, is simple: “Together with the mother taking the child from the hospital, register in the registry office are called father. Documents from the registry office to go to the notary office, where the mother writes a waiver of the child. Pay 1 R. 80 COP. registration fee – and your child”.

Mother of Yura, whose son announced his decision, he began to talk. They say, why, son? Ruin own life, don’t get married then… Maybe, after all will leave, not take? Yura snapped: “If you don’t stop – get out of your life!” The answer was the wire transfer for big amount of 100 rubles, with the words: “Buy her grandson all”.

Little Bogdan

A new father all bought, and not bought, then got fellow students – a cot, changing Mat… Until the baby was taken from maternity hospital, neighbors quickly clear a room for a young family. And the first baby was a student Dorm. Here he chose the name Bogdan. Because God-given…

The next day, Bogdan Yurevich registered in the registry office. The mother by condemning the views of the officials asked the child in her passport to enter. Entered only by the father. After notarization of the waiver of the child’s mother and adoptive father said good-bye forever.

He baby was stolen!

To establish the life of single father, Yuri helped the entire course. The boys were running to the hospital for expressed milk, then with the recipe on the dairy kitchen. The girls come to help with bathing. Cooking food helped neighbors that Yura gave money for food. In short, everything maintained as best they could. In addition to the Institute’s authorities.

In the first days of fatherhood, the Dean suspended the student Zinchuk. The course of the Komsomol have accused that the child he stole. Accused not official yet, but seriously. Showered with complaints, signals and denunciations. By baiting joined the trade Union. Outraged classmates wrote in the national Newspapers with a request to intervene, and father-son precipitated the Commission’s checks and inspections.

Come a delegation, dirty shoes – the trade Union, the Dean’s office and the inspectors of the children’s room of militia. Check conditions are all perfect, the child is clean, well-groomed, well-fed, diapers in abundance, all washed-ironed. “Where did you get the baby?” “My son,” I said. “You got any identification?” “It is”. You see – the Chairman of trade slightly in faint surprise.

The inspectors say: “Maybe now he is in the house baby take? Are you going to visit, to see, and when he graduated from the Institute – will be taken”. “No, it is not education. I’m my son nobody will give!”

In General, they have gone empty-handed.

And then I was summoned by the rector. The perfect man was already elderly and very intelligent. I go, I see – in the office my persecutors sit. Two Dean and Chairman of the Union. Shaking. They reported that I stole the baby! And the rector tells me so gently: “Son, you have a baby? Where did you get it?” “This is my son. Adopted” – answer. “You have ID? Show me.” I have the documents laid on the table, he carefully read and… How he yelled at those fools! I have these curses more in his life did not hear! “Freaks! – yells. Instead to lend a helping hand to a person who is a child from the orphanage saved, you grass?! Get out of here!!!” Those bullet flew.

Opal gave way to concern. The student wrote the material welfare and began to help. Offered a sabbatical for the education of his son, but the jury asked only about the free lectures without missing practice.

At the same time came the glory is to deal with the situation of the persecuted adoptive single dad in Khabarovsk reached invited students and journalists. Article of the deed of Yuri appeared in the “Pacific star”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Izvestia” and other Newspapers. The student became the hero of the day. From all corners of the country wrote to him words of encouragement, verses, sent toys, was invited to visit… Especially moved by the invitation of one of war veteran from Odessa, gratefully wrote: “the cause for which we fought, lives!”

Galia said, “Give me your passport, go to the registry office”

In may Yuri prematurely passed the exams and left with Bogdan to the North. And then suddenly married.

Galya is a native of Luhansk region – almost a compatriot of Yuri. To the North fell, too, can say, accidentally. Close friends with the daughter of the chief of the Magadan OBLZDRAVOTDELA and moved in with a friend in Magadan oblast, where he worked first in the children’s sanatorium in the village of Talaya, and then went into the service of the orderly standing in the same part of the internal troops.

His wife Yuri met for a couple of months before the adoption of Bogdan in January when we were here on vacation. The acquaintance was short. Nina, one of my colleagues still work with that of the Jura continued to be friends and to be at their traditional get-togethers, once said: “let’s Go to the club – there is such beauty sings! To meet you!” “You tell me all these match-making, stop!” started to piss me off man. But in the end persuaded, and went. Met, then he sat at the same table, the guy went to school in Khabarovsk.

And when he returned to the village with a baby Gal together with Nina Alexeyevna and a huge Teddy bear came to congratulate me. Saw Bogdan and stuck to it with all my heart. Began to come every day, to help with the baby.

– It so happened that we with the future wife of some dates under the moonlight, explanations and other romance wasn’t – laughing Yuri Dmitrievich. – Talked a lot, made friends. She asked about plans for life, including personal. I answered that I would marry the woman who will become mother to my son. And agreed to the wedding, somehow, half-jokingly, half-seriously. In the end, the Gal came and said: “Give me your passport, go to the Registrar”. Went and got married. And in Institute I have arrived already with the ring. Like all surprised! “Well this is what should be the person that you married.” They knew me as a confirmed bachelor, much appreciated freedom.

While Yuri finished Institute, Bohdan grew up surrounded by love and care of mothers, aunts and grandmothers. Then dad came back and continued to work as a doctor. A year and a half Bogdan was born the brother of Ruslan. Another seven – sister Sonia. And no one thought that thirty years after the birth of Bogdan in the family will have another son.

I saw the eyes cast Serezha

In addition to birth children for thirty years in the life of Senchukov lot of events happened. First ill deadbeat dad of the Jura, the family wrote him up in the North, where he died suddenly. Then dangerously ill mother, it was necessary to change the climate warmer.

In the year of the collapse of the Soviet Union, Zincali moved to the Ukraine, in the Donetsk region. Yuri led rural clinic and equipped it with the latest technology at the expense of local Agrofirm. In this clinic began to work as a medical assistants Galina and Ruslan. The medical profession chose and Sonia enrolling in medical University. Bogdan graduated from the veterinary Institute, but went to work in the police precinct, but then quit without learning to take a bribe…

Daughter Sonia

In 2013 the clinic, which was headed by Yury Zinchuk, serving 8 villages with a population of 3,500 people. In one of these villages appeared dysfunctional family victims of black realtors. It is often the case – the apartment rewrite for the new owners, and the former are taken to a village and Lodge in some abandoned old house. And so it was in the village of ancient old and a married couple of alcoholics. Husband spent half of his life for theft and was released recently. The wife got pregnant to live off the child support. In July he entered the hospital, gave birth and ran away with the child in the village, to the cohabitant.

For district stavordale a case – of emergency. In such cases, the place leaves a Commission of officials and doctors, including the head of the clinic, whose territory is home to a negligent mother.

– Go in the house – the conditions are terrible. Windows are covered with film instead of glass, dirt everywhere, room close. The Commission took up the child and I, instead of having to wait outside, as usual, for some reason, decided to explore the rest of the room. I go to the last one – sits in the corner of the ancient grandmother, and on the floor – teen. Played broken telephone. Looking at me. And then something happened that I still cannot explain. I suddenly saw the eyes of the little Seryozha, who once wanted to, but couldn’t adopt…

Of course, it wasn’t Sergei. And almost not a teenager. Sasha, the eldest son of a runaway pregnant woman, then just only 18 years old. To 15 he lived happily with her grandmother. Then grandma died and three years later, the guy literally wandered. The day he came to see Mama, which was not needed. And met father.

Want you was my dad

Kid hungry (had not eaten for four days and generally “used to fast”), the doctor left some money – how much have a and phone number. A family with a newborn was taken to the city. Before that, the police managed to find the phone the darkest of realtors whose family was in the boondocks.

Yury asked the district to give up and very firmly talked to by scammers. And on the way back thought with alarm: what if these criminal elements, realizing that they came out, will come and kill witnesses? Came back, he took Sasha. And he was right – the Chairman of the village Council then told how the next day the village was raided by suspicious types, but the hut found no one…

Having dealt with a dysfunctional family, Yury returned to the clinic where he was waited already okormlenii Galina Sasha.

They told him: “Son, what do we do? How did it go?” And he answers: “I wish you were my dad.” I have no one in the world has ever offered. What could I do? “Well, – I say – if you want, I’ll pick you up”.

The wife initially opposed. But Yuri Dmitrievich and then showed himself a man of action, already decided: “I told you! Don’t argue and get benzyl benzoate, process that Mowgli will be.”

Sasha with her father

Sasha really was like Mowgli from the urban jungle in torn rags, lousy, covered in mange… Last disturbed, especially just recently in the hospital from sepsis on the background of scabies died a country girl. In General, the boy washed, fed, healed, clothed… after a time, Dr. Zinchuk has officially adopted him, gave her name and patronymic. The hardest to socialize and teach life. The years of neglect were not in vain, the guy I was a naive child, says Yuri Dmitrievich.

– Sashka was already living with us, she was a welder and made friends with a girl. And that suddenly needed to go somewhere, but money was not asked for Sasha to help. So he, without thinking, took home gold and took it to the pawn shop. Home scandal – “so-and-So, a thief!” Yes he is not a thief, guys! Just child like this – to help everyone wants. Such chivalry, youthful altruism.

With family new son merged immediately. Repeatedly frustrated, left. First time – in the summer of 2014. His mother in Donetsk. At this time in the Donbass, the war began. Zincali went to Kiev, and the relationship with Sasha interrupted. He lost his phone, and Yuri Dmitrievich got corrupted SIM card. Both changed the numbers and could each other to get through. Two months both suffered from separation anxiety. Finally, Sasha had thought to register in the “Classmates” and to find there father.

– Started to write, and I feel I’m with another person. It has greatly matured. Say, have you, son, you have two options: either you’re with me you’ll be a man, or stay, but then disappears and drinking. And he decided.

I sent him the passport, handed things. And when he said, “Dad, I’m your things smelled, they smelled like you”, I wept with joy.

You beat me – it means you care about me

The second time Sasha was trying to live apart from his family in Kiev. It was enough for a week and a half back. But to adapt to a normal life was still difficult. The guy didn’t know what work means, how to apply, why you need employment history… got a Job in a supermarket – did himself entry into the work.

Secret that skipped work, salary is not received. It went to dismissal. Yuri Dmitrievich became suspicious, went to management and found out. Returned home on edge, and there, and so hot – Sonia Ruslan fight. Petitioned the senior and Junior took over. The debriefing ended for the father of a breakdown, grabbed the belt and whipped his son. He ran away from home all night. And in the morning went to work and began to work in good faith…

Since then, it took more than a year. Sasha seemed to have changed. Works hard, carries the money in the house, has a career, has mastered a profession of the seller-adviser, receiver of the goods, the operator, now an Intern in the Deputy management of the store. Was very neat, tidy, takes care of himself. Writes poetry and music, rap, performs at concerts. And loves and appreciates family. As family was his. Yuri can’t recommend it enough son.

– I’m just amazed! From the previous Mowgli’s nothing left – a good, obedient boy. Eagerly everyone understands, absorbs. Sonia teaches him everything. Go with him to the theater, to the ballet – because he had not seen before.

Long could not forgive myself for the aggression, the pain that I gave him. Heart sick: beloved child – to take and thrash. And then he said to me: “you Know, I love you.” “Why do you love me? I’m whipped.” “So you care about me. You mean I’m…”

Dr. Zinchuk and his children – Bogdan, Ruslan, Sasha

Yuri – this is George

And Yuri Dmitrievich is named son. However, he lives far from a “second father”, but love and pray for him. One of the terrible days of late August 2014, after a night of crashing and explosions around the village, the clinic came the surviving soldiers from the broken on the way to Donbass detachment of personnel of the Ukrainian army.

In the neighboring villages of his colleagues individually and in groups, were taken prisoner, and that paleobotanical terror kid family doctors have saved. Fed, changed, hid, and a few days later gave General parents.

And they told how, without being able to prevent sending a son to war, at parting wore round his neck an amulet with the image of St. George the victorious. “Let the son, will save you St George!” And the Holy saved, sent George to the rescue. After all, the name Yuri is George.

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