Campaign “Daddy” has been completed: Ukrainians have received aid to 16 million euros

Campaign culminated with a “Dad”! In April 2016, responding to the call of Pope Francis, Catholic diocese of Europe gathered 11 million euros, 5 million, the Pontiff has allocated from personal Fund. By these means, in two years managed to provide a variety of assistance to 900 thousand victims of the military actions in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine and internally displaced persons.

To summarize the results of the campaign, Ukraine was visited by the prefect Dicastery to Promote integral Human development cardinal Peter Turkson. The results of the Papal initiative was announced at a press conference on 17 November 2018

“Our goal is to promote human welfare. This is a normal activity of our Dicastery — said cardinal Turkson Pitar. The Pope invited to participate (in shares) churches of Europe, to show a gesture of charity for Ukraine — especially for its Eastern region. As we did for Syria, as we did for Iraq and Sudan. We try to provide assistance as a gesture of love and mercy Pope Francis”.

The aim of the campaign “Dad” through a variety of humanitarian projects to help the maximum amount of need satisfaction of the basic needs of people: the need for warmth, food, health, protection and to create the conditions for recovery and development of these people.

“The Vatican wants to be present where people are suffering. In this case, political ideas, ethnic, or religious are not his priority,” said the Apostolic Nuncio in Ukraine, Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti.

Thanks to the “Daddy for Ukraine,” the inhabitants of the combat zone and IDPs have received food and necessities, firewood and solid fuel boilers, seed, health, counselling and other assistance.


“Every assistance was organized, to the extent possible, individually. We have tried to approach each person individually just to hear him and, above all, thanks to this aid to regain his dignity. Because most of the people who were forced to leave their homes or continue to live in the occupied territories, first of all, feel neglected and useless,” shared Edward cava, Bishop assistant of Lviv Archeparchy (head of the technical Secretariat of the Campaign “Dad” 2017-2018), telling about the achievements in the main areas of action.

One of the Executive partners “Daddy for Ukraine” international charitable organization CBN-Ukraine (Association “Emmanuel”) in the framework of the initiative implemented by nine humanitarian projects (medical aid, repair and reconstruction of houses and infrastructure, camps, project “Food every day”, etc.) totaling more than 1 million 800 thousand euros.

“About the campaign “Dad” we learned in the fall of 2016, the year, and decided to give my thoughts and projects. In February 2017, we received the first grant for the installation of 35 solid fuel boilers that we have successfully installed in 20 days, then began a more voluminous projects, — says Galina Kucher, head of social projects of the CBN-Ukraine (Association “Emmanuel”). — We tried to justify the confidence placed in us and the best way to perform our tasks to the initiative of the Pope was communicated to people — to let people know who provides this assistance, and that assistance was effective, and certainly came to the man. The Pope wanted that the aid was “all for all”, and I think that the action is done. And I’m also grateful that I could become that part, those hands that carried the help.”

Servants of the Holy see unanimously expressed satisfaction with the results of the campaign “Dad” — according to them, all desperately needy people have received the necessary, and that was the purpose of the initiative. The Vatican has plans to continue the humanitarian work in Ukraine, but, most likely, from a new perspective.


“We had a meeting with Vice-Minister of social policy, and we tried to see the space where I can work”, said cardinal Peter Turkson, speaking about the possible options for the continuation of the initiative “Dad”.

“Very clearly shows that the Pope wants more and more to Express its proximity to Ukraine. And we do what we think is important, do what the Pope tells us to do, because the purpose of that sacred,” said Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti.

At the time of completion of the initiative “Dad” the most pressing need for our suffering people have not food and water, and the restoration of peace in the East of Ukraine. For this the Church around the world continue to pray and to take possible diplomatic steps.

Also at the press conference, the Ministers shared the plans of the Vatican that through the local community to continue to provide various psychological, spiritual and humanitarian assistance to the residents of the regions affected by the hostilities. The aim of this work is to help people to rebuild their lives and to continue to develop and recover.

Maria Kurbatov, especially for Global Christian news

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