Cancer patients today – and tomorrow the terrorists will pass!

“Sick people should be in hospitals, at churches, in hotels. And let the priests pray for them, so they recovered, I think.” Of the 64 apartments in the leaf Helena Alekseevny undersigned residents of the 45 – they opposed to their house gave shelter patients treated from cancer with the help of one of the largest funds. It made General claims: people are afraid of Contracting the “virus of cancer”, which brings “stream of cancer patients”.

  • Most of the “contagious cancer” worried those who have the cobwebs and cockroaches
  • Bad apartment: “Come to the sick bring infection to cancer”

A very educated house

In the sixth entrance of a neat sixteen-storey building in Belyaevo – ordinary residential area of Moscow – restless. In the closet with the Concierge Irina three: herself, silent, with a sad sleepy face, as if a bored COP and a brisk Elena Alekseevna.

– I can’t give you the original signatures. Let’s better take a picture. I have one, two, three or five leaves, she says to the police officer. And can’t go with you. I have a meeting with the Director of “the Agency”. You try to agree to such a meeting! Director to wait for me, I think? And we have heating, it is necessary to solve it. So, Ira! take away mug, you see, he photographs.

– But where?! – Iryna is puzzled.

– Yes here, are you mad at me?

I’m not mad!

– I’m sorry! – said Elena with such a tone that as if I do not leave Irina a choice.

The door bangs open, followed by courier that carries the trolley is a great service, comes another resident of block number six.

– Elena, can’t get through an hour and a half? TV arrive – drawn to it Elena Alekseevna.

– We need to collect. Write an announcement to come. All noisy necessary. What is this mess doing? – outraged Elena.

Unkind in the entrance room six ordinary sixteen-storey building of the dormitory area of Moscow began a week ago when Elena Alekseevna Allina opened the collection of signatures against the “branch oncopelti” or, as she says, “thoroughfare of cancer patients”. The Fund “give life” rented house, apartment for children and their parents who come to Moscow from the regions to be treated in the center for pediatric Hematology, Oncology and immunology named Dmitry Rogachev. According to the Director of Fund Ekaterina Shergova, the centre simply cannot accommodate all the patients, so those who have the tests sent home but asked to come to tests and procedures every day.

– Sick people should be in hospitals, at churches, – continues Elena.

– In the hotels, adds Elena Alekseevna.

– In hotels, where the sanitization of the room. And let the priests pray for them, so they recovered, I think.

So it’s cancer patients, it’s not contagious – appeal to women.

Fund even then their features. Has its separate territory, a separate entrance, and here we have single sign-on for everyone: for residents, and for cancer patients.

– And you to them personally once faced?

I saw in the Elevator ride.

And they somehow… – Elena does not end the question.

Women are silent.

– How are they prevented? – ask.

– They bother me.

– What?

– How? It’s housing, don’t you understand. Well, let’s in your porch will do. Where do you live? Take them in. I already said it all. I have even pressure rose.

– When she found out, she immediately pressure went up, – stands up for a neighbor Elena Alekseevna. – Many didn’t even know that they live here two months. And I two months no action was taken. We saw, come bandaged, on crutches, in masks, in a very bad weakened state, the boy five-year-old dad on his shoulders, carried on the operation, someone in a critical condition came out of surgery. We all watched as the cancer clinic. Then I began to approach people, because I am Concierge Desk service, I built it in 2008, I’m the eldest, then the payment we have heating want to give a private firm, you know? Someone has to do it, a lot of violations.

So, many began to approach to me, especially the ninth floor where it is placed. They do cry, they say that it is impossible to live up to 12 walk, stomp, slam doors, lock is broken, can not be done – new patients arriving, everyone do not give the keys impassable dirt. I already listening to for a long time. But in the last month began to approach tenants from other floors, asking what kind of people. Say: we’re going in the Elevator with us ride the bandages, masks, crutches. What do we have here?!

Of the 64 apartments in the leaf Helena Alekseevny signed 45. It made General claims of the houses: people are afraid of Contracting the “virus of cancer”, which brings “stream of cancer patients”. No one remembers that we are talking about children.

– I put on TV, like I’m such… – continues Elena Alekseevna. – First of all, it’s not me, and the people. We have a very educated home. We have people who work under the government of Moscow, working in the Federal Duma and know six languages. I was just, note. We live for many teachers of different specialties, at least three doctors and they, too, consulted. Live lawyer. You know what people live. Not those I can fool lead.

– I still resent that – interrupts her Elena. – Write that the owner has the right to rent an apartment to anyone. And if he surrender to terrorists? Well if the terrorists?!

By with empty shopping carts is still the same courier.

– This is where? To them, 52 apartment? – asks Elena.

– No, – said Elena Alekseevna.

– Maybe cheated? So many products. Four boxes of products. Okay, you all Elena Alekseevna tells, and I’ll go. I have pressure.

One of the sheets with the signatures of the occupants of the house

“Apartment owners can get sick of anything”

Elena had already attributed the statement to the CPS and to go on consultation to good, surprisingly, a lawyer, who by a strange coincidence, just working with doctors, specifically oncologists, at least one. He explained Elena alekseevne simple: to place a “thoroughfare of cancer patients”, it was necessary in 1985 to plan their home, that it was possible to carry out sanitary procedures, namely kvartsevanie.

– I transmitter, I speak not of myself, but everything I say professionals: lawyers, doctors, – continues Elena Alekseevna.– The kvartsevanie kill not only microbes, but also pathogens of the virus of cancer. Know that scientists and doctors all over the world, it can be viewed on the Internet.

Then they, the patients, have no right to use our garbage disposal. This is a flagrant violation. You know, blood cancer, lymph nodes. Blood contagious. The cure for this is not found. Chemotherapy does not kill the virus is the causative agent. Not u-bi-VA-et.

The entrance comes a middle-aged woman. She returns from a walk and lead on a leash a large dog.

– Honey, tell me your opinion, is the journalist talking to her Elena Alekseevna.

– Patients must live in a different environment, but must live without… – Mila hesitated a bit to find the right words.

– Danger! – immediately finds something to say oldest person in the house.

– Danger – Mila agrees. – I personally deeply respect, I really like Chulpan Khamatova. But what we have cannot be disinfected at the entrance, what a lot of them, they are constantly changing, just keep coming… We see them often. We are, of course, is not satisfied. I don’t know what they throw out in our garbage disposal.

– And what can they bear? – ask. – They live with their parents. They’re healthy, not sick with cancer.

– Why healthy people should be the influx of those who are sick? Would you like to have in the entrance was such apartments? We constantly see them, they run about so, Mila portrays a man in a mask.

– You sure live in this house all healthy people and only those children get sick?

– We have the children of patients that are, say, born that way. But they don’t have that disease, from which these children come. We see them, for they are all made Milah indicates a ramp at the entrance. They live here, we are already used to them. These are constantly changing. Cycle. If someone from neighbors to you here will come and will not tell you my opinion, I will tell you all unhappy. At first we didn’t notice anything, then began to notice that they are all the time here now, Mila again makes an imaginary hand a mask – they are in caps, even in summer. This woman, who rents them, we do not know it on the drum. She let herself at the door will accommodate it all.

The Elevator goes man in his forties. Ask him what he thinks about the situation. Man, it turns out, doesn’t know what’s going on.

– He works from morning to evening and nights, so do not know, – for it explains Elena Alekseevna.

– Would you like to here sick constantly changing. Here is just passed the apartment… – he asks Nice.

– Children with cancer, – I add.

– We had a thread – interrupts Mila.

They need a place to stay – specify.

And sanitization is not conducted – wedged Elena Alekseevna.

– Patients come to the hospital – again Nice.

The man from the flow of information is clearly lost:

– I think that patients should be in hospital, and the apartment is apartment.

– Have children of their own – inserts Nice.

– No one wants children to get infected, supports her Elena Alekseevna.

And you also think that cancer is contagious? – ask men.

– No, I do not think that cancer is contagious.

– Girl, what you ask him. He’s not a doctor, doctors need to ask – stands out Elena Alekseevna. – We’re not crazy. My father died of lung cancer, sister died of brain cancer. It is not necessary to distort. We don’t mind…

– We want to stop the flow. If one lived a child… we know who lived? We have crazy boy lived. And those who are wheelchair – adds Mila.

– We addicts have lived!

– We not against, we children love, and Chulpan Khamatova respect.

A man of God, supports Mila Elena Alekseevna.

– Everything here is not what you want, believe me. Here we have our own children, Milah points to come out of the Elevator, the grandmother with her granddaughter. Ask signed if this woman’s statement.

– 325-I flat, look. Signed? he calls Elena to the janitor Irina. What about heating it signed? Yeah, well. She labels everything. By the way, the neighbors, – Elena Alekseevna stops an elderly couple. – Tell me your opinion journalist.

– Yesterday defeated, – muttered the pensioner.

– No, the TV and the journalist. It is very important. Tell me. This apartment is door to door with them – already appeals to me the eldest in the house.

– Well, we have, as they say, they do not interfere, these people – meets an elderly woman. And we even sympathize with them. Well, of course, necessary to decide the question, could a Fund to remove such a room, where a separate entrance on the first floor is full of all sorts of non-residential premises.

– And how they will live in non-residential premises? – ask. Elena Alekseevna and the elderly man with one voice reply that it is not their problem.

– Why? – I objected to his wife. Under hairdressing many removed. Everything is there: stove, and toilet.

How to disinfect the standpipe water and sanitation? Today, just accidentally met in the Elevator the doctor and she said that beneath that apartment to live dangerously, because the water goes down the pipes, and flat dangerous. The air-ventilation rises, – conspiratorially informs Elena Alekseevna, when an elderly couple leaves.

– And if the person in the apartment above you, for example, seriously ill with the flu? – ask.

The owners of apartments can hurt anything. We are not talking about that. We’re talking about what to give branches cancer hospitals without sanitation… sanitation! – screams Elena Alekseevna. – Today went with the doctor, she told me. Even kanali… but they poop from the body. You know what I mean? I thought, Sewerage is the pipes, and it turns out to be very dangerous! Now people, we live in such a situation, when there are so many viruses and germs. If in a residential house to leave a branch of oncopolicy, it means we will do all the new patients from all over Russia. No documents to us does not show what someone diseases. Infection will accumulate. Accumulate and accumulate. But we do much more. And as our immune system will be edge, do not have cancer are sick, but some bad disease will appear. What entrance is a stand?! The Fund has a lot of money. If the Fund were poor is one thing. But he has something there. They can already strike it in the hotel room.

The Elevator goes another neighbor, Elena and asks her to participate in the survey.

– Wrong because it is a residential one and not a medical institution, which must have rules, regulations, and standards. To say that we don’t sympathize with these people is a manipulation of pure water. This is a different question.

– You somehow crossed paths with them? Their presence in your life specifically affected?

– Do not overlap. But it is wrong in principle, – the answer was a neighbor, and when she leaves, Elena tells me in my ear that just her husband and works in the Moscow Government.

Not to collect signatures and to help people not to lose faith

Before to escape with the dog at the entrance, Mila once said that, first, respects, Chulpan Khamatova and loves children, and secondly, all inhabitants of an entrance against the flow of cancer patients, again not specifying what it is about the children. But actually not all in the entrance of the number six support Elena Alekseevna.

– Lit madhouse that is coming into the Elevator, outraged man.

– Are you also opposed to children with cancer? – ask.

– I’m against this. My brothers-in-law died of cancer, a cousin from cancer, no one got infected. Madhouse mess they have made. And I don’t need nothing to write. That’s better than a neighbor ask.

Tamara Paraskevas first hung near the Elevator ad with a call to be human and to quote Konstantin Khabensky. “So let us not to collect signatures and to help people not lose in difficult times faith in people, in their support,” wrote Tamara. The next day the ad is gone, and Elena never said she stole it. But there are many other new residents of the entrance, explaining that cancer is not contagious, calling to come to their senses and just leaves with words of gratitude to neighbors, to intercede for 352-Yu apartment.

– I think the house was divided 50 to 50, explains Tamara. – I have this morning spoken to her, Elena Alekseyevna. Pretty rude we talked. I was walking with my grandson, he asked, “Grandma, why are you with her swear?” I told him: “you see, we bring the kids sick, they are bad, they are treated here. And this woman doesn’t want them used to live here”. What the child said to me: “Grandma, how so, and if I get sick, she did not want me to live here?”

Tamara talked with the landlady Elizabeth. A girl determined to fight for its residents until recently. Some of the inhabitants of the house supported it and offers any help, some ready to break.

– How to stop it all? – asks Tamara, and I think at this point she is especially ashamed of the people.

Police, which at the time of our conversation was three and that it is unclear who and which side called because Elena is not exactly called – witnesses have signed the Protocol and go, but comes to TV and the older one around the house again all over the country says, does not want to live side by side with cancer patients, adding that it is about the children. Perhaps and Elena, of course, if the pressure is released.

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