Catholic cardinal blessed the holding of a rock concert in the Vienna Cathedral

Faithful Catholics reacted negatively to this event, calling it blasphemy.

At the beginning of December in the Vienna Cathedral St. Stephen’s was held rock concert, which in its form is very reminiscent of the action with elements of Satanism.

The event, which was held in the framework of the international day against AIDS, blessed, Archbishop of Vienna and Primate of the Catholic Church of Austria cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, reports the Austrian Vienna

In spite of the good purpose – all proceeds from the concert, the money was directed to Fund to fight AIDS, Catholics reacted negatively to this event, calling it blasphemy, mockery of the temple space and even Satanism.

The reason for the charity event in this format was the lack of funds from the Catholic missionary fraternity, which helps AIDS patients in Africa.

“The proceeds went to the hospice Hospice Aid Malteser “Brotherhood of blessed Gerard” in the South African region of KwaZulu-Natal, writes Austrian resource. – Stocks of essential HIV medicines for patients in the hospice are threatening to dry up because of difficulties with delivery. Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn asked for help from Kesler, and during the day in the Cathedral the idea of “Jedermann (reloaded)”.

The publication notes that last year in the world day of fight against AIDS in St. Stephen’s Cathedral hosted the interfaith memorial service, during which he performed “Requiem” of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The event was attended Thomas Noevir, known under the stage name Conchita Wurst.

“This year blasphemy has reached an unprecedented extent, – writes the edition Austrian Bishop comes to the indifference to Christian doctrine, which believes only in an abnormal nature in order to save people from the logical consequences of their depraved morals.”

As reported by PWC, formerly cardinal Christoph schönborn said that it is impossible to condemn Muslims for what they want to Islamize Europe – instead, you need to try harder to fill the Christian shrines.

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