Catholic priest examines the striking similarity of the ISIS with the Nazis

A few years – to be exact, 3 years old – ISIS has controlled most of Iraq and Syria. All this time the radical Islamic group destroyed the religious and ethnic minorities. Over the fact that the militants of ISIS accountable for their crimes, running a French Catholic priest. And it is great for the job. The fact that father Patrick Dubois 15 years collecting evidence about the crimes of the Nazis during the Holocaust.

ISIS distributes propaganda video, which shows how men of Yezidis gathered and put in the truck. The terrorists then put them near the pits and shot one by one.

“Father Patrick Dubois documents the crimes that ISIL has committed against Yazidis, an ancient religious minority in Iraq. His organization “Yahad-In Unum”, which means “together we are one”, has interviewed more than three hundred Yazidis. They recorded stories of rape, executions and other horrible crimes,” says Eric Rosales, an expert on national security.

“ISIS knows we are his enemies. But we know much less about them. They know us and we don’t know them. That’s why we need to Wake up, open your eyes. We must believe God and see the reality, because at any moment we could be victims, explains Father Patrick Dubois, the founder of “Yahad-In Unum”. — Yes, it’s happening right now. Everyone says that ISIS was the end, but when my team go to Iraq, meet Yazidis who recently fled from militants. Recently we met a girl 25 times and sold into slavery.”

Father Dubois says that ISIS is an efficient killing machine, which uses a scientific approach, almost like Hitler, who methodically exterminated Jews during the Holocaust. A priest writes about his findings in the new book “the Terrorist factory: ISIS, the Yazidi genocide and the export of terrorism.” 15 years father Dubois investigated the mass murder of Hitler’s mobile teams six million Jews. He and his team interviewed over six thousand witnesses, restored data on thousands of homicides and found more than five hundred previously unknown places of execution. This work is covered in two books that father Dubois called the “Holocaust by bullets”. The author says that the Nazis and ISIS share a common tactics like public executions and support of the local population.

“The Nazis came in this morning to a Ukrainian or Russian village and said to the Jews: “do Not worry. All right. We’ll send you to Palestine.” The fighters arrive at the village of Yezidis and say, “don’t worry. All right, turn to Islam, post white flag — everything will be fine,” says Dubois.

Father Dubois said that in both cases the same evening, the victims were in mass graves. Often they were buried alive. It’s the same system, the same methods and the same evil.

But ISIS is dangerous, that sends boys aged 7 to 11 years of age in special camps to make them terrorists. Their days are filled with Islamic prayers, exercises and study of the Koran. Every evening they watch videos of beheadings and crucifixion.

“The militants tell the children: “We all die. We will die in Mosul or raqqa, but you have to survive. You have a mission”. One boy told me: “They stole my mind.” I never heard someone said something like that,” continues Dubois.

In the “Yahad”, in Iraqi Kurdistan, the organization of father Dubois helps children to regain their souls. Volunteers tell them about Jesus, His love and forgiveness, as women learn to sew to provide for themselves.

Father Dubois said that it was important not only to prove the fact of murder, but to prove that these murders are not something that cannot be stopped, and that God can change everything.

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