In the Philippines the death toll from Typhoon “Lando” has already exceeded 50 people. The storm struck this island country on Sunday, bringing heavy rains and floods. The service to CBN on the elimination of consequences of natural disasters on the ground of the tragedy, providing assistance to the needy.

Typhoon “Lando” swept the Philippines, leaving widespread destruction. This fourth category Typhoon struck the coastal province of Aurora, leaving homeless more than 65 thousand rural residents.

“We have collected things, getting ready to evacuate, when our house was a mudslide. So we ran,” — says a local resident Gina Santillan.

“We are very hard, especially for my children. We lost everything, including clothes. Lost even their school supplies. Nothing left”, says the victim Melanie Bo.

Now the family faced the threat followed the “Lando” of the Typhoon “Kopp”. This tropical storm with record rainfall in the region causing floods and landslides. “CBN International” fills the immediate needs of the affected families in the province.

“In these cities we follow a different strategy: do not just provide people with humanitarian assistance, but also help them to rebuild their lives, introducing the program to establish sources of income. In any storm only Jesus can give them hope and restore their lives,” says Kim Pascual, a member of “CBN International”.

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