Guatemala is in mourning after hundreds of people died from the landslide in the municipality of Santa Catarina Pinula. Guatemalan office of the CBN responded to the disaster by sending its employees to assist the victims.

Rescuers are working hard continuing the search of people under blockages.

“Houses are buried under the soil of 10-15 meters. Therefore, the search and rescue work is so complicated,” says the rescuer Mario Cruz.

The injured are organized by the authorities of the shelters. The clock is ticking and the chances of finding survivors are fewer, even though people try not to lose hope.

“Can’t even explain what happened. Everything happened very quickly. For a minute, all the houses were buried,” says the victim of the landslide Mar Alicia Martinez.

Help comes from all corners of the country — mainly food, water and clothing. All of this distribute rescue teams.
Though financial assistance and remain also a spiritual need; a lot of them, and make them hard. Therefore, the “CBN Guatemala” sent to the affected region a team of consultants.

“Remain spiritual needs. That is why the CBN team together with its consultants is working with people. We give them words of love and hope, and most importantly — pray about each of them,” says the employee “CBN Guatemala” Petrinska sherry.

Children also receive emotional support through the game of “Superbook” that remind them of the love of Jesus. All this is done with the purpose of helping after the death of hundreds of people.

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