Chairman of the Synodal Department for charity have met with the coordinators of the projects of the Union of volunteers of Russia


On December 19 the Chairman of the Synodal Department for charity Bishop of Orekhovo-Zuevo Panteleimon and met with managers and staff of the Union of volunteers Russia, according to Diakonia. The participants of the meeting outlined the various activities of the organization and the projects that the Union plans to develop in the future.

Co-Chairman of the coordination Council of the Union Sergey Bondarenko told that the Union of volunteers of Russia – an Association of volunteers and civil society organizations from 77 regions of Russia. The Union originated as a Union of several groups of volunteers from different regions. Some of them were public organizations, while others worked independently. In 2012, the Union held its official founding conference at which representatives of more than 45 regions decided to unite efforts in a common cause.

Co-chair of the coordinating Council Vadim Savin said about 50 projects are being implemented in 8 directions. These employ more than 16 000 volunteers across Russia. In Moscow in the framework of the Union, there are 3600 volunteers, run by 300 coordinators. Every year the organization comes from 500 to 800 new volunteers. The largest age group is young people 15 to 20 years. Most volunteers work with orphans. The facilitators also spoke about how those who want to help, to volunteer, in particular, how the selection, interview, training and the distribution of the directions.

The head of “Volunteers for special purposes squad DON” Alexey Precerebral about medical training of volunteers, including the detachment, able to conduct pediatric resuscitation. Volunteers for special purpose are also involved in the evacuations of people from the disaster and deliver humanitarian aid to the victims. More than a month, according to Alexei Wreckage, is a professional training of volunteers.

“Everyone should have basic skills in first aid. In queues, in the subway and other public places any person can become bad, and second play a big role. We witnessed a terrible accident in which volunteers were able to save two people,” – said Alexey Uretski. He also shared his experience of participation of volunteers in carrying out Church activities.

In turn, Bishop Panteleimon told about the activities of the Orthodox service volunteers “Mercy”, the Ministry of the sisters of mercy and the various areas of social Ministry of the Church.

During the meeting, representatives of the Union of volunteers Russia, made various proposals on cooperation with the Russian Orthodox Church. In particular, the sides discussed prospects of joint projects in the sphere of assistance to the homeless and people with disabilities.

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