Chancellor of Ukrainian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich): We were and are the only canonical Church

Review the Chancellor of the UOC Metropolitan of Boryspil and Brovarsky Anthony on the decision of the Synod of the Patriarchate of Constantinople from October 11, 2018.


What happened at the Synod in Istanbul yesterday, and shocked the Orthodox world. It seems that the Constantinople Patriarchate deliberately getting in the way of division of the world of Orthodoxy. Patriarch Bartholomew ignored the appeals of the local Churches to convene a meeting of the primates in order to develop a General and unified solution to the Ukrainian Church issue and unilaterally adopted a very serious, but wrong decisions. I hope that world Orthodoxy would give this act an objective assessment.

The final document of the Synod of Constantinople raises more questions than it answers. In particular, it remains unclear the status of the “UOC-KP” and “human”? What procedure will the appeal of Filaret Denisenko? Arise and many other issues.

In reality, for our Church, nothing has changed. We were, are and remain the only canonical Church in Ukraine. We do not recognize stavropigio, the creation of which was proclaimed by the Phanar. Taking into communion of schismatics, Patriarch Bartholomew does not make them canonical, but he takes the path split. The dissenters remained dissenters. No autocephaly and Thomas they have not received. And it seems that they have lost even that independence, although non-canonical, which was and which is always focused.

I want to draw the attention of our clergy and laity, as the dissenters was graceless and left. And accordingly, to serve and to pray with them is prohibited.

The time has come when we all need to strengthen our prayer, remembering that the truth of God is invincible.

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