“Chaplains” DNC accused of the canonical Church in the power of groups

Military “clergy” ptsu

The FSB ordered the “representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine” to use against those who “unite” believers previously created power group, said “the clergy” ptsu.

The FSB ordered the “representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine to” eliminate “desire” clergy and laity “of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine” voluntarily change religious affiliation. To achieve make, the course needs to go the “previously formed a mobile force group,” shared his confidence “Synodal Department” military “clergy” ptsu in Facebook.

“Under the leadership of the representatives of the FSB was established in each diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine “the Department of legal security of property rights”. This Department consists of a specialist in law and several athletic men,” – shared “chaplains” ptsu.

Once the community of a particular village decide to join the PCU, headed “Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine” Epiphanius Dumenko, in the relevant locality will leave the “secure property rights”, sure created 15 Dec 2018 new Church organization. According to “chaplains”, a group “will” power the control over the temple.

“In fact, formed an extremely dangerous situation, when the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine wishes to make of the faithful and priests of his serfs,” said military “priests” of the DNC.

They added that they themselves not considered by Orthodox Christians to “force a change of religious affiliation”.

“Chaplains shared hope” “that the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine will refuse from plans of military pressure and to capture the temples of communities that decided to join the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.”

“We call on all military priests (chaplains) of Ukraine to carry out his pastoral activities on the principles of mutual respect, love, understanding and tolerance and not give in to provocative actions of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine and to be ready to defend the constitutional right of freedom of religion and free choice of their religion,” concluded their communiqué, the representatives of the “Synod administration” military “clergy” ptsu.

Earlier the head of the DNC “Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine” Epiphany Dumenko said that “the Union” PCU with clergy and laity of the UOC will conduct “calmly, wisely, prudently and properly,” without haste.

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