Last week celebrated the anniversary of the beginning of the charismatic movement for Catholics. The event was held in the boarding house just North of Pittsburgh called “the Ark and the dove.” People gathered there to remember how this movement was born almost 50 years ago.

The building behind the trees is a historical monument of the charismatics-Catholics. Many of them came here to celebrate something that happened 49 years ago and is called “weekend Duquesne” when the Holy Spirit descended on a group of students and friends connected with the Catholic University of Duquesne.
In the sixties of the Holy Spirit affected one confession after another. In this log house just North of Pittsburgh was the turn of Catholics.
These people, 49 years ago longed for the Holy spirit. David Mangan wrote in his notebook that he wants to gain power “dunamis.” He said that he would like to hear speaking in tongues, but because he is very suspicious, would believe that that’s true, but if he does it himself. It is the first and the Holy Ghost came down in this little chapel, which is now the charismatics call the “front room”.

“I went to pray and to thank God, but in the end he spoke in an unknown language. I began to pray in tongues. At that moment, I forgot about that earlier expressed a desire to hear someone speak in tongues. It was myself,” — says the participant of the weekend, the Duquesne David Mangan.

Shortly thereafter, Patti Gallagher, now of Mansfield, was also looking for God, praying in the same “room”.

“Teach me to follow Your Son Jesus and to love as Jesus loves”. This was my prayer. I stood there on my knees, and suddenly found himself lying flat, face down, with hands over head. While my feet flew shoes. Lying there, I felt immersed in the love of God. I even wanted to die. I thought, “Here it is, Paradise! I want now to God!” says Patti Mansfield, author of the book “Like a new Pentecost.”

From that day the Holy Spirit descended on Catholics around the world, and now they have tens of millions. Many wanted to buy the boarding house “the Ark and the dove” where it all began, the Holy Spirit can use it again full time. Johnny Bertucci, the representative of boarding house, happily signed the papers in December of last year.

“This is the home of the charismatic revivals of the Roman Catholics, the house of the baptism of the Holy Ghost, says johnny Bertucci. — People from all over the world can come here to pray, make pilgrimage, to learn about revival, the baptism with the Holy Spirit. We’re not here as guests, but as family members, who are always welcome at home.”

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