Children of the Congo die of hunger – Your Bible

The Agency fides reports that over 770,000 children in the centre of the Democratic Republic of the Congo under the age of five suffer from acute malnutrition.

Bishops Kasai condemn this situation. Statistics were recently published by UNICEF. The bishops stressed that the insecurity and the violence associated with the guerrilla movement, which raised Campina NSPU (“Black ant”, the leader of the Luba people), provoked a very severe humanitarian crisis in the area. Campina Nsapu was killed in a battle with government forces, but his followers continue to struggle, reports the Week.

Drama in the dioceses of the Archdiocese of Kananga and dioceses Louise, Luebo and partly in the diocese of Mweka. During his pastoral visits of the local bishops personally witnessed the humanitarian disaster and witnessed the severe malnutrition of the population. “Phenomenon (malnutrition) is clearly seen in areas of Dubai, Dimbelenge, in the same city Kananga and in the territory Kasumbi, between the dioceses Louise and Luebo. In Kananga various parishes support malnourished children,” said Marcel Madila, Archbishop of Kananga. The Monsignor of Madila appealed to the ” urgent and large-scale interference, as will soon begin the season of drought. If children now not to help, we run the risk of incurring enormous sacrifices”.

The main task of “Caritas Congo” working closely with 8 of the diocesan offices of the organization to prepare a response plan to this crisis, whose consequences are likely worse than the Ebola epidemic. “Malnutrition is inevitably compounded with the beginning of the dry season, during which families typically food-deficit,” said Emmanuel Mbuna, national coordinator of the emergency Department “Caritas Congo”.

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