Children the area ATO “Superbook Club” presented a holiday to children

To the children’s Day (June 1), the Christians gave the holiday to Ukrainian children who live today in the most insecure areas of the country. Little residents of the ATO zone today most need to be protected and happy childhood.

440 children from different parts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions were the guests of the Festival “Superbook”: 260 children gathered in the Church “Good news” of Slavyansk, and 180 in Minegarde (Donetsk region). They come together to play sports games, zapuskatsja bubbles, enough to jump on the trampoline for at least one day to forget about the sounds of shelling art, diving into a happy childhood.

“We tried to organize the departure of children from the ATO zone, where now, as we all know, being proactive. Here the children were in a safe place. The holiday, which our children feel today, this concert, they saw the mass of positive emotions — I think it will greatly affect their mood and overall, these children”, — explained Tatiana Serdyuk — it 2015 is the children in the East of Ukraine, and is now the coordinator of the project “Children of war”, Association “Emmanuel” (CBN-Ukraine).


The festivities were organized by the Association “Emmanuel”: the project “School of life”, “Superbook Club”, a humanitarian and concert departments of the Association “Emmanuel”, with the support of the project “orphans Promise”. The children learned about the holiday through “Superbook Clubs”, which on the territory of the ATO working in the missionary centers.

Concert Department of Association “Emmanuel” prepared for the guys posing with illusionists, from which the children could not tear his eyes. And they love balloons, team games, treats… the Children are happy to talk about how jumping on the trampoline, painted caps, ate popcorn and just met with young people from neighboring areas and other settlements.

“There was such an atmosphere! So all the fun! Not like when you’re home alone feeling sad, and it sounds fun!” — says Alice.

Elena came with a 2-year-old son Elijah. She is a forced migrant from Donetsk. Elena impressed by the events: “it is just wonderful! My child, though small, many are not aware of and not all participated, but he in great delight. The performance he liked, we are very happy, plus more gifts! Thank you very much for this time! We want this to be a regularly – possible!”

“We have organized a party for the children of the many missionary centers, where they attend “Clubs Superbook”, learned about each other. And here they met! And I think that’s a big movement of “Superbook Clubs” will continue to move across the East of Ukraine”, — shared hope Tatiana Serdyuk.

The project “Superbook” and the bright cartoons in which Chris, joy and the Robot Robik travel to historical and biblical times, there know and love.

“Oh, I do love the “Superbook Club” because they always give so many emotions and impressions! And in General, children “Superbook” with his childhood love. I remember a little, watched “Superbook”, — enthusiastically tells Natalia Gutkowska from the city of Novoukrainka (Donetsk region).

About the war that surrounds the children, on the contrary, I say not willingly.
“We have become accustomed. Explosion – you just go quietly, there is no reaction, — says Victor of Avdeevka (the Donetsk region) — the most — the worst thing — remember in the New year, when my family was sitting at the table, and proiznesya very strong explosion in a neighboring house was hit by a shell”.

“Yes, when he shoot, I’ll just run,” says Alice from the city of Svitlodarsk (Donetsk region).

“We are not going anywhere, stay at home, turn to God. Because this time, difficult, heavy. And who else to turn to?”, — says Elena, mother of Elijah.

Popasnaya, gold, Iron, Avdeevka, Novoaidar, Cherkasy and Kramatorsk, Lisichansk, Severodonetsk… For the past three years, each of these towns and cities have seen more grief and got more destruction than in its entire history.

As these children grow together with their towns and villages and absorb everything that happens there.

Of course, during the meeting of “Superbook Clubs” was the prayer for the guys. So, when they return to their homes, God saved them, and they in spite of everything, remembered his childhood as he was this day full of joy, games and smiles!

More about how to help children and civilians in the ATO zone, are available on the website

The press service of the Association “Emmanuel”

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