China loosened its strict policy of” one child. Now all couples allowed to have two children. Now the question arose: how radical change affect the largest by population country in the world?

For decades, the Communist party of China held among his people’s one-child policy. This government has demonstrated its control over some of the most personal decisions in family life. For millions of couples, the policy of “one child” turned into chaos and suffering.

“Women suffer the most. The suicide rate among Chinese women and 600 women per day. Imagine the horror when the state is literally killing your baby, while you dreamed of a child,” says Chris Smith, Republican Congressman from new Jersey.

The government introduced the policy in 1979 as a temporary measure in the hope to curb the rapid population growth and limiting resource requirements. Now it is allowed to have two children per family. Goal: to increase labor resources and slow down aging.

“They have reduced the workforce in the future, rapid aging of society, a surplus of potential brides and grooms shortage due to the gender imbalance in previous generations,” explains Nicholas Eberstadt of the American enterprise Institute.

However, in China it may well not be a population explosion, which is calculated on the authorities, because many Chinese people are accustomed to the norm “one child”. However, the Chinese Church is encouraging signs.

“Christian churches are growing pretty quickly and I think that the Chinese Christians will take advantage of this, because they have a whole culture of family relationships,” shares Christine De Folmer of the Latin American Alliance for the family.

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