China declared war against Christianity

China started a real war against Christians in their country. They destroy crosses, churches, burn Bibles and throw pastors in jail. In the new category “the Pulse of the world” George Thomas and Emily Jones will share with you details about the latest attacks.

Today’s question is: “Is the most populous country in the world declared war on Christianity?” In recent months, China began to pursue an aggressive campaign against Christians. Authorities destroy houses of worship, crosses, burned Bibles, and even arresting pastors. Our guest said that China could become the largest Christian country. Does he believe that this is possible in spite of persecution? With me today to discuss the campaign in China against Christians, Fenggang Yang, Director of the Center for religion and Chinese society at Purdue University and a leading expert on religion in China.

MHN: Mr. young, China declared war on Christianity?

Fenggang, Yang, Purdue University:

Yes, in recent months, China has begun a serious campaign. It started in Zhejiang province and lasted from 2014 to 2016. Now it has spread throughout the country, especially in Central China, the provinces of Hunan and Sanchi. This means that the decision was made not local authorities, and the elite — the Politburo of the Chinese Communist party and the Chairman XI Jinping.

MHN: How can we understand this applies not only to Christians, but also Muslims, Buddhists and other religious groups, which faced serious problems from the government, which they claim is trying to “assimilate” religion. Yes?

Yes, this campaign is aimed at all religions. In Chinese it’s called “tum, Bohua”. I wouldn’t call it an attempt to assimilate, but to make the religion of the Chinese. Assimilation involves cultural adaptation. Christians did it all the time. In fact, they did it so well that drew in their faith a lot of people. And “sinification” is a political campaign, which requires political loyalty to the Communist party of China and the so-called socialist system. This campaign also takes place under the banner of Taoism. Taoism is the religion which appeared in China. What else could be more Chinese? It is much more Chinese than the Communist party, which originated with Marx and Lenin. But the authorities demanded that Taoist and passed through the “kitasato”. This means that the leaders of Taoism have to Express their loyalty to the Chinese Communist party.

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