The persecution of Christians and their churches in China seem to increase. The authorities disrupted more and more crosses from Church buildings, and a new wave of persecution affects not even an underground Church. Christians are making desperate efforts to prevent the officials to remove crosses from their churches.

In the Catholic Church in Wenzhou Chinese province of Zhejiang, the parishioners are singing Christian hymns, while their Church cross flying down… he disrupted the authorities. Mr. Chen said, “the Cross in our hearts. In the demolition unbearable to watch!” “Why we are not allowed to believe? — he asks. — Haven’t we acted against the government?” These members say that they are good Chinese citizens.
The authorities claim that in China freedom of religion. But Christians believe that the demolition of crosses (and in such cases, there are already more than a thousand, mainly in Zhejiang province) proves the opposite.

That the Show JI is a senior member of a Protestant Church “Mean” in Wenzhou. According to him, representatives of the national police entered the building of his Church, having cut the lock on the gate. “They came to carry the cross, without any approval of our Church,” he said. Is arbitrariness”.

The recent removal of Church crosses followed the arrests and interrogations of more than two hundred lawyers and human rights activists last month. Many of them were Christians in the court. Bob Fu — President of the organization “China Aid”. She is in Texas and monitors the persecution of Christians and violations of human rights in China.

“It reflects the mood of the political leaders of the Communist party of China, even the President himself, XI Jinping. Increasingly concerned about political and economic instability and insecurity,” says Bob Fu.

Now Christians are risking arrest, preventing the authorities to demolish the crosses. Some members tie themselves to crosses to prevent their removal, others are arranged upstairs of Church towers, to prevent to work the taps. A single famous Chinese Catholic Bishop even made an unprecedented public condemnation of the campaign to remove crosses. He urged Christians to resist. Some carved small crosses, paint them red and place them at their homes and along the roads in protest.

Next month China’s President XI Jinping is scheduled to visit Washington on an official state visit and meet with President Obama. Congressman Chris Smith says that the White house needs to think about whether to provide high guest a warm welcome: “as part of a planned summit in September needs to be considered on religious freedom, says Chris Smith. — We need to make our government and the President — after all he has to do all the diplomatic levers — to raise the question about the human rights violations that are increasingly worse”.

But regardless of outside criticism, these persecutions are unlikely to cease in the near future. Christians say that the demolition of crosses does not lead to deterrence, but rather to stimulate the growth of the Church. As a result, Chinese authorities only contributed to what was hoping to avoid.

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