China has released from prison pastor, Your Bible

A Chinese pastor from the province of Guizhou, which it is believed that the authorities had tortured him to confess to espionage, was released from prison on Tuesday, June 21.

International human rights group Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) stated that after two and a half years imprisonment of pastor Yang Hua Church Living Stone was released to his friends and supporters, but, according to them, it suffers from several unspecified health problems and needs treatment. according to CNL

Yang was imprisoned from December 2015. State officials accused him of spying against the Communist party after raided his home Church where they seized a computer and hard disk.

Lawyer Zhao Yonglin claimed in January 2017 that Yang was tortured and humiliated, forcing him to make a false confession, although officials deny the charges.

The pastor was also forced to look at the closure of his Church Living Stone after officials sealed the office of the Church and has suspended her Bank account.

Yang and su Tianfu pastor, another Church leader was fined more than $ 1 million for the collection of so-called “illegal” donations from members of the congregation, although they claimed that the money was voluntary donations of believers.

“Although we welcome the release of pastor Yang Hua, we are confident that he never should have been convicted initially. Pastor young, pastor Hua and su Tianfu become a target due to the fact that ruled independent Church of the Living Stone, which was engaged in peaceful religious activity, have served their community and support the needy members of the congregation,” said Mervyn Thomas, CSW Executive Director.

“We are extremely concerned about the harassment of the authorities of independent religious communities in China, in particular arbitrary detention and torture to exert pressure on religious leaders to stop their activities, he added. — We urge the authorities to stop all harassment Living Stone Church and other independent churches and to immediately and unconditionally release all those who were detained in connection with their religion or beliefs.”

ChinaAid provided additional information on the release of Jan, noting that, while in prison, the pastor picked up the vasculitis. Because unskilled care he couldn’t walk. During your stay in prison, he also suffered from diabetes.

His wife, Wang Hongwu, showed that the pastor “broke out loud songs of worship after its liberation” on Tuesday, in spite of all that he experienced.

“Despite the fact that my husband has experienced the misfortune, his faith remains unwavering,” added Wang.


ChinaAid says that the trial of Yang and sentencing were rigged by the authorities, given that the members of the Living Stone Church provided a confidential document showing that the court has received a specific order from the government officials to deal with the underground Church.

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