Skateboarding is a phenomenon that was born in the West, but is gaining popularity among Chinese youth. Not long ago, one British skateboarder moved to China to teach young people the sport. And he also teaches them “life lessons”.

Skateboarding — the hot trend in China. Many Chinese cities youth gather on weekends to exercise and to perform “dance skate”. This attracted the attention of one international expert.

James Tyson was born and raised in the UK. From childhood he was fond of skateboarding, what has shaped his personality and gave a purpose in life.

“As a child I never wanted to do anything more than skateboarding. I wanted to improve in it. Although I was still a schoolboy, I could not concentrate on their studies. All my thoughts were about skateboarding. He gave me a sense of freedom and allowed to Express themselves,” says skateboarder James Tyson.

Born in a Christian family, James found that he likes skateboarding more than religion.

“I was surrounded by temptation. I tried to leave, but the next day gave in to pressure from peers. We had our own company. We thought we were the cool kids,” he continues.

Although James had some problems, he believed that with the help of this sport will be able to get rid of all their problems. However, he did not understand what in life he needs more than skateboarding.

“I once received a severe injury. Back pain was unbearable. I felt so sad and lonely. I realized the futility of his existence,” recalls James Tyson.

At this time to visit James came one friend and told how God called her to missionary work abroad. James was deeply touched by her story, and he decided to quit all your bad habits. He Packed a suitcase and decided to do the same. James moved to Nanning, where he lives for over 13 years.
James and his family started a special Ministry with other Christians he is teaching young Chinese how to win competitions for skateboarding. More importantly, they lead the Chinese young people to Christ.

“I love young Chinese. They are very talented. I want to teach them to be better. And I don’t want to repeat the mistakes I have made in my life. Only God can give true freedom”, says James Tyson.

Best friend James, Super Zhou, came to Christ through his Ministry. Now he makes skateboards with biblical images.

“Observing the godly behavior of James, I realized that God can change me. I accepted Jesus to protect me from evil. We have to live with purity and true freedom,” — says the Chinese Christian tattoo artist Super Zhou.

More and more people joined James and his team. Most of them Chinese ‘Millennials’. Zhou and James are the leaders for Bible study. In recent years they baptized several young Chinese.

“Skateboarding will continue to gain popularity among young people worldwide. I would like to invite more people. My team is ready to help them hone their skills. More importantly, they learned that knowing God is about the coolest thing in life” — says the Super Zhou.

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