Social networks have a great influence on our lives, filling the mind with a continuous flow of positive or negative images. Some Chinese experts in the field of public health argue that technologies have a negative influence on young people. Obsessive stream of information and pictures encourages young girls to change their appearance.

If you ask today any young Chinese, what is important to her, she will probably answer: “Become a model”. Marriage and their careers do not appeal to me. Ideal weight is the dream of every modern Chinese girls.

“All girls know the truth, the inner beauty is very important. However, most people think that beautiful girls are more popular,” says Zhao Xin.

Weight loss contests in the Chinese social networks are forcing young women to pay close attention to your weight. Competitions require to use the printing paper as a way to measure excess body fat.

“I always pay attention to my weight. It’s important to me. Diet was my favorite way to avoid excess weight”, says Li Yu.

Many Chinese girls go on a diet to attract or keep Boyfriends. Some fear that their guys can compare them with other, more graceful girls. Christian expert on health, Dr. sun Liang strongly opposed to such behavior. He was concerned that it may cause young women to potential health problems such as anorexia and other eating disorders

“I don’t usually advise my students and friends to lose weight, except that in case of real need. As an expert of health, I always encourage them to love themselves for who they are. Getting rid of excess weight is good, but we still need protein to be healthy,” says Dr. sun Liang.

Japan became the first Asian country, a report on the rising incidence of eating disorders among young people. Today, one of the last, said this growing problem in China. A study in 2009 showed that eating disorders are common in major Asian countries. Most of the girls to lose weight, typically use a laxative. This method is common among female College students, 43% of them are currently at risk in connection with the eating disorder.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t want to eat, the problem is as it is and keep perfect shape. This is a real battle, and it hurts,” says one of the girls.

“Among Christians, some of the sisters in my Church suffer from the same problem. We must remember the Word of God. Our body is a sacred temple. We must honor the temple, protecting our bodies,” warns Dr. sun Liang.

On the one hand, discussions about the proportions of the figure is likely to subside soon. On the other hand, the majority of Chinese women believed that a society should not force someone to change their body. The good news is that more health experts will educate the young people of China on this very important issue.

“I’m going to invite more Christian professionals in the field of health to join the mission. We must see ourselves as God sees us. We are perfectly created in His image. All women are created beautiful and perfect,” says Dr. sun Liang.

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