Christian Agency ADRA will help to feed 85 000 refugees in Uganda – Your Bible

Thousands of refugees in Uganda will receive food assistance through a partnership between the Adventist Agency for Development and relief (ADRA), world Food Programme (WFP) and the government of Uganda through the office of the Prime Minister, reports

The partnership was organized in June, will allow ADRA to deliver food to 85,000 refugees who live in the area Kamwenge in the Western part of Uganda. The influx of refugees is increasing because of long-standing conflicts has led many citizens from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan to cross the border of Uganda. In accordance with the UNHCR report for March 2018 in the country found the protection of 1.4 million refugees, reports the Christian megaportal with reference to and Adventist Review.

“As a staunch supporter of partnerships, I can say that this collaboration between ADRA and WFP is good news for refugees in Uganda, faced with food shortages, and is clear evidence that the efforts of ADRA in Uganda are taken into account,” — said Vice-President of ADRA International programme of Imad of Matanata.

“ADRA is committed to supporting the work of the government to achieve the objectives of sustainable development. It recently signed a partnership with WFP will allow ADRA to eliminate the causes of food insecurity and malnutrition, and to help improve social protection for refugees and host communities, said Director of ADRA Uganda Charles ed II Aguilar. — One of the strategic results on which WFP focused, is that by 2030, small-scale farmers, especially women, in targeted areas received and increased stable livelihood. ADRA seeks to achieve this strategic outcome.”

Thanks to additional food needs, which pass through WFP, ADRA Uganda will provide daily meals and financial support to refugees during the year.

“ADRA Uganda has committed itself long term to be present in Kamwenge, said Aguilar, and plans to introduce a number of measures for receiving and making a livelihood, such as enhancing the capacity of refugees for the maintenance of the gardens in the kitchen / in the back yard for growing crops for their families, and to support environmental protection by planting of 10,000 fruit trees.”

Since 1987, ADRA has created a positive presence in Uganda, building long term relationships with 15 locations across the country. In the result of its widespread network ADRA collaborated with WFP in food distribution in 1998, 2000, 2010, 2011 and again in 2018. ADRA also promotes initiatives in horticulture in several refugee settlements, including the Rwamwanja, Adjumani and Bidibidi, to help develop initiatives to feeding children in the selected schools for the refugees

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