Christian cafe “Rural House”

In Moscow opened the Adventist healthy cafes “Rural House”.

About the new catering business says Vitaly Pilipenko, Deputy head of the project “Rural House” in Moscow.

Interviewed by: Elena KOPYLOVA

– Vitaly, please tell us how did the idea to open a cafe of healthy food in Moscow?

– The idea came from Ivan Gal

Agayev, my friend and partner with whom together we and our partners from other countries launched a network of health resorts “Rural House”. They are all located near large cities, Metropolitan areas, capitals. Today, these pensions are in Abkhazia, the Moscow region, in Belarus – near Minsk, near Donetsk, near Kiev.

– How did you become partners?

– I many years was engaged in business, and quite successfully, but once I realized that I wanted to serve God.

– You’ve grown up in the family of a servant of the Church…

– Yes, my father is a pastor. But as a teenager I didn’t meet the expectations of my parents rebelled, trying to find their place in life without religion, without the Church. But God heard the prayers of my parents and still turned me to him. However, my price – I had a whole bunch of diseases (eczema, duodenal ulcer, food Allergy), and I already lost hope to get rid of them.

– I heard you tell the story of his conversion and the amazing healing guests boarding house “Rural House” in Abkhazia. So You got rid of the disease?

– Me and my wife had to overcome a lot until I realized that God wanted me and decided to follow Him. A miracle happened, first of all, to my mind. I have experienced the effectiveness of the eight principles of health that we are talking about our pensions. My health map shows: these principles really work!

– Open vegetarian cafes in Moscow, is the risk! Not afraid of competition?

– If God says to do, we have nothing to fear. After all, that’s His business. We, the staff of the “Rural Home”, he prayed a lot while our project leader Ivan Salagaev with his wife looking for a suitable room. And in the Providence of God, they found a place for dining in walking distance from the underground Shchelkovo, then was issued the necessary documentation is also a hall and all services in accordance with the standards of GOST. We have dedicated café in the early summer together with the leaders of the Church of the Moscow conference of the West Russian Union and the Euro-Asia Division and is ready to cooperate. Advertising has not yet been done, but for the first months of operation we already have constant visitors, their numbers are growing, we are recommended to friends. Some people go to the other end of the city to purchase from us tasty and healthy food, are willing to leave reviews that we post on our page in social networks.

– What menu offer visitors? Who is the chef of your cafe?

– We have a wonderful cook, Olga Pribytkova. She is creative, comes up with creative dishes on the go! The technology and manufacturing worked in Pushkino, where since 2013 our cafe and cooking, as well as the online store of healthy food. For cooking in cafes of Rural House we only use whole grains and unrefined oils. Menu cereal grains, legumes, soups, salads, hot and cold dishes. Our pastries, cakes and chocolates do not contain sugar. We have a buffet – visitors take a plate themselves impose their own food. Plan to place at the bar with dishes a poster with the food pyramid so that you can take a meal in accordance with the recommendation of our dietitian – more vegetables, grains and legumes, nuts and less sweet.

What else attract customers?

In our cafes have Wi-Fi. We can not only eat, but to exercise, socialize with friends, relax. Making room done in bright colours on the walls – photos of our enterprises. The videos about pensions and health are shown on the big screen, even in classical music are replaced by the nature of the places where our institutions are located. We would like to attract young people, College students nearby, so students are reduced prices. In the hall are shelves with Christian books, Newspapers “keys to health”, which can be freely borrow and read.

– Solved the issue with the staff?

– The team is still not complete. The cafe is open from 8 to 20 hours, six days a week, Sunday-Friday, Saturday – closed. Work on shifts. But to live in the area, could have a rest, we need a few more people – cooks and assistant cooks. We invite All people dedicated to educate, support, inspire!

Many cafes will host a corporate party, holidays, birthdays. You expect something like that?

– Of course! For the holidays we have a collection of useful Goodies and sweets. On Sunday we plan to arrange cooking classes, health club. During off hours the room can be used for other Church projects.

– What would you wish your visitors?

Health, of course, wish! Our health 50% depends on lifestyle, and hence nutrition. Delicious and healthy food is part of a healthy lifestyle. When visiting our café, people who are interested in health issues, receive invitations to our boarding houses where they will be able to experience all the charm of beautiful nature, delicious food, walks in the fresh air. We offer our guests Nordic walking, phyto-barrel, massage, conversation, physician, cozy and friendly family atmosphere! Come to our café, come to our pensions! We will try to turn your weekdays into holidays!

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