Millions of children in the United States is already visited or going to a Christian school. Some of these educational institutions extend beyond their local communities and become international. Are Christian schools in China becoming more and more.

Chinese education is changing its shape due to the fact that more and more American Christian schools to open their branches in China. Despite government restrictions of religion, the American and Chinese Christians working together to provide Chinese students with an education based on biblical truths.

Sean Elgat, is the Director of Christian Academy Virginia “Veritas.” In 2014, the Association for the education of the United States recognized the Academy as one of the best Christian schools in the United States. Algal and his wife felt that God was calling them to a new mission. “I felt like the Lord says, are you Willing to be like Daniel among those who are not yet saved to authoritatively shape their beliefs, when I want to you have formed?” – says Maria Elgat, Director of the Christian Academy Virginia “Veritas.” This led them to China.

According to her, many Chinese are atheists or Buddhists, but despite this, most parents are open to Christianity. Some even encourage their children to learn about Christ as much as possible.

Her husband Sean, Director of the Christian Academy Virginia Veritas adds: “Most of them even ask us to tell children about our faith or religion, and God. Explaining it by the desire that their children what they believed in. Honestly speaking, many Chinese to witness much simpler than the Americans, due to the fact that they come in varying degrees as a clean slate.”

To this end, in classes students learn Christian values. Their teachers spend time with them hoping to lead them to Christ. Teachers confirm that young children are not the only one who pleases Christian education. Chinese youth also open and enthusiastic. Some understand that the Bible is not just a book, it is a way of life.

“Before I started school, I knew almost nothing about Jesus. During the lessons I’ve learned so much about God and His love for His children. My Christian parents are very happy that finally the Lord gave me the opportunity to also learn It. Today our entire family are Christians,” shares Crystal Liu, a Chinese student.

“I also liked the personal contact with teachers. When they prayed with me I felt much better. I no longer felt the heaviness in my heart,” shared Wang Zhao yuan, a Chinese student.

The fact that parents are becoming interested in Christianity is explained by the fact that more Chinese children goes to a Christian school, their parents begin to communicate with local Christians. Almost all saw that the lives of their children changed, and couldn’t resist to ask, what is the reason.

Traditionally, Chinese parents believe one of the most important of their duties is to teach children to live a successful life. More and more families turns to religion to have a positive impact on the next generation. Christian school United States hope not only to the growing number of young students, they pray that more Chinese parents learned the truth about Jesus.

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