The national television channel is suing the Christian journalists. STB in a judicial order demands to refute the statement of the Association of journalists-Christians “Novomedia” about the negative impact on viewers of the programs “battle of the psychics” and “psychics lead the Investigation”. At this stage the matter has passed the examination in the court of Appeal and is preparing for trial in the higher courts.

“Such television programs, in our view, harmful to spiritual, moral and mental health of the population. So their show, let alone in the daytime, and on weekends, is dangerous and socially irresponsible,” — explains the position of the “Novomedia” Board Chairman of the Association of journalists-Christians Ruslan Kukharchuk. We asked the STB to stop the display of these television programs. Without waiting for a response, we filed complaints to the relevant public authorities who are engaged in the work of television media”.
The TV station felt that the position of the “Novomedia” is detrimental to their business reputation and demanded a public refutation of the statement “Novomedia”. In turn, journalists consider the actions of the channel’s violation of Ukrainian legislation, as well as an attack on freedom of speech and freedom of religion.
“That lawsuit specific television channel encroaches on the right of citizens to declare their position, articulate it, to Express their own opinion. In fact, as I said, this is an attack on freedom of speech and freedom of religion,” continues Ruslan Kukharchuk.
The court of first instance partially satisfied the claim of the STB, after which the case was heard in the court of Appeal. The judge rendered a decision in the appeal Novomedia denied, and the complaint of “International media center STB partially satisfy.
“We will appeal to the Supreme court that it completely eliminated the decision of the court of first instance and still confirmed the rightness of the believing citizens. They have the right to appeal to the authorities on issues that concern them. And that they have the right to clean information space”, — says the lawyer of the first Deputy head of the Association of Christian lawyers of Ukraine Serhiy Hum.
The case gained public resonance. Under the petition to remove from the program about psychics, journalists gathered around three thousand signatures, has received letters of support from the heads of Christian denominations and churches of different denominations. Also in the case — the expert conclusion of the psychiatrist about the negative impact on viewers of broadcasts, promoting the esoteric and the occult.
“The media is a very powerful factor in the initiation of social anxiety — explains the impact of such programs on the psyche of people MD, Professor, psychiatrist-psychotherapist, Oleg Shepherd. — TV launches “video clip” thinking, when a person uncritically perceives flashy, scary storylines. And this becomes the basis of his decisions, movements, and reasoning. Listen to what excites your alarm and tells you what to do, and just refers to some forces that are built on emotion, on intuition, on the good presentation of the material that I consider inappropriate.
There is a high probability that the final decision in the case of “STB vs Novomedia will set a precedent for consideration of other claims. The essence of the confrontation is, whether in fact the citizens the right to publicly Express their position about the product, filling the media space of Ukraine. And also to influence it.
And you want to change what shows your TV?

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