Christian leaders are preparing for the greatest revival

Many Christian leaders of today say that soon the world will be the greatest harvest of souls. They believe that the next revival will be like a huge wave that will cover all countries. Among them the pastor of the “Awakening in Toronto” — John Arnault, who had the vision for such a large wave, called her tsunami.

If ahead of us a great harvest, as believers prepare to fulfil their role? Some of the most famous charismatic leaders answered this question where 1994 started the revival, known as the “Toronto Blessing”.
Many people ask: “What to expect of Christians?” Some say that this revival will be like a huge wave that will cover the whole world.

“I saw a wave. It was full. I thought, “Lord, what is it? Those who come or leave?” I saw that the hearts of Christians who love God from every tribe, tongue, and people. They will go to the ends of the earth, bringing glory,” shares Heidi Baker.

Baker helped to found thousands of churches and communities in Mozambique and around the world and says he got a vision of a wave, which he calls a “wave of fame”.

John Arnaud was the head of the Church, which began a “Blessing in Toronto”. He also received a vision as big wave of fame that called it tsunami. About it he writes in his book “prepare for glory”.

“You know, at the top it was a lot of boats. And then the wave rose a ridge and fell on the coast. It was a sudden tremendous outpouring of God, which consumed all,” says Arno.

Some believe that such a revival is impossible in our dark and immoral. But theology Professor Michael brown says he studied several periods of American history that most educated people believed that Christianity was extinct.

“All crossed out the Church, took God, and then revival came. As if my mind was waiting for me in the impossibility of this, I sincerely believe that the greatest revival of America and the world are still ahead,” says Dr. Michael brown, host of the radio program “Line of fire”.

Brown is often criticized for the fact that he adhered to the biblical truth, despite the fact that it was not politically correct, as in the case of same-sex marriage. But he insists that Christians can stand up for this truth and to overcome the world who despises it.

“We need a fresh baptism of love to a sinful world, a fresh baptism in the image of Jesus that we be like Him in this world. If it really cares about us, then the right words will come. But we must remember that darkness hates the light. Stop trying to please people so they took us. We must speak the truth in love. Not “either-or” but both,” continues brown.

Awakening is known that burn brightly, but burn always. Some say that if you put in the heart of Christ, this awakening may never fade. It’s part of the preparation for the revival.

“We can raise a life of prayer, can change the priorities: the way we live and spend money. Jesus should be the main,” recalls John Arno.

“He is our Lord, our Savior, our King, our Bridegroom and King. We want to lift Him up, lift Him, lift Him up. And when we lift Him up, people will come to Him” — sure, Heidi Baker.

Jerry hill – the widow of Steve hill, the Evangelist who stood at the head of Brownsville revival in 1995.

“It was to shoot for the cover of Time magazine. And he said, “you Know what? I think you should remove God, because It’s all about him. I’m just a vessel, which He fixed,” she recalls.

According to Jerry hill, Steve argued that the awakening cannot cover the whole world, yet every believer does not become an Evangelist to others.

“When Steve and I are going somewhere, talking about Jesus with people in the supermarket, in the antique shop, in the restaurant. It needs to be in the world,” she continues.

“You need to keep your heart in the right position to deal with people who have wronged you, to take root in the love of God and prepare to receive more,” advises John Arno.

“Conduct small meetings in your company, at your school. Just gather together and display their love to Jesus. And then Shine forth. Don’t be afraid to share your testimony” inspires Heidi Baker.

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