As young people all over the world, Millennials in China are addicted to new trends in music. Christian music also seeps into this Communist country. Some Christian musicians are even moving to China to participate in what can be called a move of God.

Listen carefully. Perhaps you just heard the future star of the Chinese music. Its popularity is growing day by day.

“My name is Mei, I love music and I sing in many languages”, — says the singer.

Mae became interested in music as a student. Slowly, she began to write songs and learn to sing in different languages. She also mastered several instruments. Even after becoming a successful musician, may not cease to improve.

“I’m so happy in China, I have fans who like my music. They listen to my songs in the subway, on the way to work, and my songs are heard all over Beijing. Meanwhile, I also tell my listeners that my music is God. Jesus is my source of inspiration. It is to Him I sing,” shares may.

Mei today successful and famous. However, she continues to thank his spiritual mentor and best friend tin tin.

“I was attracted by a beautiful voice may. She has many talents. And when I learned that she also was a Christian, we became closer,” says the girl.

For several years, tin-tin and Mae perform in Beijing at different venues, such as cafes and shopping centers. More and more young Chinese people follow the schedule of their tour. Some call their music a new highlight of China.

“Listening to their music, I feel peace and joy. I know that they are Christians. Perhaps that is why their music is so special”, says one of the trainees.

“Composing your compositions, we are not trying to cater to people or some organizations. We sing only for God. The most difficult is to make music attractive for young Chinese. They need Jesus, and Christian music can lead them to Him,” says tin tin.

Inspired by the success of tin tin and may, musicians from other countries are also moving to China. Using similar or other creative methods, they tell the young generation about Jesus Christ.

Really, Christian music is of growing interest in the country. Rebecca Williams was born and raised in a Christian family in Australia. She was so impressed by Chinese culture and touched by the devotion of Chinese Christians, he decided to move to China.

“My mom always knew that one day God will bring me from Australia. She was not surprised when I told her about moving to China. My parents wanted me to go down a path that made me God”, says the Australian Christian singer Rebecca Williams.

Speaking on the country, Rebecca felt God inspire her to use their musical talents to spread the gospel in China.

“I believe that music can transform a person’s life. When I sing or perform at the concert, I just praise the Lord with my voice. Can’t even imagine how I would have done what you are doing now without Him,” says Rebecca.

In 2009, Rebecca joined a local Christian group in Beijing. She and her team travel around China, performing in different places. They equally love Jesus and they share music.

“Jesus uses people like Rebecca and we are to share His goodness and mercy. Christian musicians from around the world come to China to transform this nation. Young people crave the truth,” says uncle Bin (Uncle Bean), the leader of the band “Rainbow” (“rainbow”).

By the way, learn more about the band Uncle Bina you can out of a special material “MHN”.

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