This week, an ordinary resident of the UK was awarded one of the highest honors of his country. The Queen appointed June Ross member of the most Excellent order of the British Empire. This is quite an ordinary woman has reached such unprecedented heights? It all started with the fact that she listened to the voice of God.

It happened in 2004 in the UK. The former worker of the psychiatric clinic, which became the housewife, June Ross was vacuuming the carpet when something unexpected happened.

“I heard a very distinct voice: “I will feed you with manna”. And I thought, “Manna? Somewhere I already heard it”. Of course, I remembered the story of the children of Israel when they left Egypt, and God fed them with manna,” she says.

Life June read the Bible. She was the daughter of a pastor and was brought up in the Church. Studying the Scriptures, she knew that God speaks to people in dreams and visions.

According to Jun, the God told her to prepare for the economic changes that will engulf the whole world after four years and that she will need to feed the people.

“I heard the Lord say that people will lose their jobs, they will not be able to feed their families. I thought, “Well, God, I don’t know how it’s done but I’ll just be obedient” — says June Ross.

After three weeks of June saw a vivid dream with images that shook her.

“I dreamed that I was standing in front of the supermarket. On my head a crown, on his shoulders a purple mantle, and I hold out my hands, she says. — I looked down and saw that from them with great speed to bounce off the food. I did not understand, butfrom the dream is etched in my memory“.

Sleep is so shaken by Joon that she bought a small tiara and a purple cloth as symbols of those images that she had, and began to store them in a drawer. After this dream and vision June decided to bypass local retailers and inquire about foods that are not sold.

“I asked: “What do you do with the remaining food?” I basically replied: “Just throw away”. I said, “What if I will come and pick them up? I will invite volunteers to solve all legal issues and so forth.” I said, “Okay.” It was so amazing. The merchants agreed, obviously, because I don’t wish to just throw their products. They realized that someone can find a better use for them.

Over the next two years, the house of Joon was the center of food distribution to the needy in her neighborhood.

“It all started literally with ten volunteers and directly at my house. I told the assistants what and when the store they go, and they brought boxes of food. In the house there was no free space: the boxes on the stairs, drawers in the kitchen. They all was Packed, “recalls June.

Then the woman had registered her own charitable organization, “Esther Community Enterprise”, naming it in honor of Esther.

“The rumor got around the neighborhood, and my house came more than four thousand people — back and forth, back and forth. God’s heart is for the poor. Take a look at the Ministry of Jesus: it has always been aimed at those who did not occupy a high position in society,” she says.

Then, in 2008, the same as in the dream of June, came the global economic and financial crisis.

Many have lost their jobs. A lot of people — literally — had nothing to eat. Come true for almost everything that God showed me, says June Ross. — We started to contact different people, churches, organizations with requests for cooperation. With each new partner, the food started to spread in different communities”.

By the end of 2008 “Esther Community Enterprise” feed 17 million people a month. It was like in the Bible, when the Israelites every morning and gathered the manna in the desert. Volunteers June quickly distributed the food to the expiry of a deadline for their implementation.

“An amazing team — our army of volunteers. By that time it was already about three hundred wonderful people. They sacrificed their time and finances. So the volunteers is the main backbone to what we do,” she says.

June says she especially remembered how they with volunteers organized special packages for Christmas: “We worked until two or three o’clock in the morning, because so many families were waiting for their parcels. Tears in my eyes, words cannot Express it. They all want to eat. No one should go hungry. When you knock on the door and see how happy the children and says, “Mommy, look who came!”, then you realize: it was worth it” — says the woman.

In 2011, the road that June fed the starving Brits, he brought her to one of the most famous addresses in the world: Buckingham Palace.

“It was so beautiful, I went through the Palace and out into the garden,” says June.

June as a representative of “Esther Community Enterprise” received from the Queen’s award for voluntary service. The order of the British Empire is the highest award which may be received by the volunteer organization in the United Kingdom.

“Was issued by a certificate signed by the Queen herself. It was nice that it was these words: “we grant mercy,” which corresponds to what was happening with Esther, when she received mercy from the king. In my case, I got it from the Queen,” says June.

Even the award itself looked like the images and colors seen June in a dream seven years ago.

“I thought, “is This true? Is this really happening?” I have seen how God gathers the details of our lives. Even when we don’t understand what He’s doing, He knows how to combine everything,” says June.

Today, “Esther Community Enterprise” monthly provides quality food for about twenty-five thousands of people throughout the United Kingdom.

“I am so honored that God asked me to do it. The main thing is to be a servant. This is what should be in our heart. We are called to serve,” says a humble philanthropist June Ross, received the award from the Queen.

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