Christian philanthropists helping the victims of hurricane “Florence”

Both of the state of Carolina are still many months to recover from the effects of hurricane “Florence”. He brought to North Carolina powerful showers. For these two or three days in some places, dropped more than 75 inches of rain. The rise of water in rivers caused flooding that has forced thousands of people to leave their homes. Many were rescued by boats and helicopters. More than 30 people died from the storm and the damage amounts to tens of billions of dollars. Now begins the long process of cleanup and recovery.

MHN: with us Today is Anthony Lloyd, head of the American relief Fund for disasters “Operation blessing,” CBN. Tell us about the level of damage after the disaster.

Anthony Lloyd, “Operation blessing”:

I’ve seen the aftermath in new Bern, and we heard from our team in Lumberton that they are again flooded. These areas were seriously affected. Even now in Eastern North Carolina and even in the South there are places that otaplivayutsya. If you compare with other storms, this one was at the level of the hurricane “Matthew”, which took place two years ago. The good thing is that we can work closely with our teams, who are now in these areas.

When we arrived there, then surely these people needed everything. We were able to deliver commodities in both places were able to serve them, to give additional hygiene kits, food, water and everything else. But, of course, they went through hard times.

MHN: What “Operation blessing” is doing in order to help the local people?

We are currently hard at work in new Bern and Lumberton. The first thing we do is provide people with a hot meal. In addition, even now there are search and rescue operations. We also continue to deliver the goods as needed.

MHN: What are the main needs?

This basic needs. Many people are unable to return to Lumberton, because the city is still in a state of evacuation, and often hygiene kits – that’s exactly what they need. Of course, they also need food and water. Lamberton in need of prayer because he’s still at the mercy of the hurricane. In new Bern the people are finally allowed to return home. We help them bring order in their homes.
Yesterday we cleaned the house of an elderly couple. They just needed to make furniture. We were able to provide them with the sleeves rolled up.
The reality is that flooding continues today, and therefore, will need many months of hard work.

MAN: “Operation blessing” not only supplies the physical needs of people during disasters, but also provides them with spiritual comfort. Tell us about it.

This is an important aspect because we can lift their spirits, just hugging them, praying for fulfillment of their needs by telling them that God will send people who will help them in a difficult situation. We can raise the human spirit, to show him that someone really cares about him. Often these people think that nobody’s business. That’s why, when we can embrace such a person, pray with him, to show him that God loves him, and that we’re here to help, it helps a lot.

MHN: What can people around the world to help you?

Visit our website to receive all information. See programs and news about what is happening. Pray. We use your support to help the victims. This is a wonderful opportunity to help.

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