19th July 1989 Helen Hayes village in Denver on flight 232 United airlines bound for Chicago. But the flight never ended. The aircraft received fatal damage to the tail motor and crashed in Sioux city, Iowa. Helen miraculously survived. Not to die she and other passengers helped faith and prayer.

That day, the dispatcher of the airport heard and seen how the hydraulic system of the Airbus is out of order, making control almost impossible. That day I remember all the surviving passengers. The chances to land the plane safe was almost impossible.

“I remember every minute of that day so vividly, like it was last week. This tragedy tested my faith,” says the successful Finance Manager Helen young Hayes, who was sitting in the 9th row on the chair B. in Addition, she was a Christian-a Catholic, all she had left then is to pray to God for salvation.

Armed with faith, she cried for the impossible: that God literally took the hands of the pilots when they tried to land the plane without the aid of power steering, which they never did before.

As soon as she felt something wrong, the cabin was the commander of the crew and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, we will not be able to fly to Chicago. The tail of the aircraft is damaged. After 35 minutes we will try to make an emergency landing in Sioux city, Iowa, and — I won’t kid you — it’s going to be tough.”

As Helen recalls: “the Plane was just carrying. I was bucking around in the chair here and there, and when I looked up, I saw around the flames. At the time I first got scared and thought, my God, don’t let me burn! Then the flames receded, and suddenly we were upside down and so slid to a stop. I heard a terrible crash, the hiss and roar of the fire I know I was there for a reason. I was on this plane because the pilot’s hands were in need of guidance, and so the prayer was put in my mouth, so I just prayed.”

For the first time in aviation history uncontrolled aircraft without a rudder, unable to ascend and descend, brake and chassis — a completely uncontrollable aircraft landed on the runway.
Helen was one of one hundred and eighty-five surviving passengers. The plane had 296. Despite the fact that in such accidents die, yet many escaped. A woman of faith now knows exactly why she was in this plane.

When she ask where you got such faith? Helen Hayes explains that believed in Jesus since childhood, thanks to his mother and visits the local Catholic Church. And as she confesses she always wanted to confirm the reality of what she believed when she need it the most. So now she can with confidence confirm that the existence of God really is!

This day, 19th July, was an important date for confidence – “God is more real than anything”.

Now a successful businesswoman prodoljaet of flying, fear of airplanes it does not. She flew over a million miles. “I looked death in the eye, sat up and looked over the edge of eternity, and I must say, I’m pretty sure death is nothing to fear, because I know that this life is just the introduction next, real life,” concluded a confident Helen.

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